Ten Guilty Pleasure songs of all time

As a typical Virgo, I love criticizing and over-analysing. This may the reason why writing works so well for me. Most of my friends (God bless their patient hearts) tolerate my over-thought theories and rants on everything with a loving smile on their lips and a bitch please look in their eyes.

Hence, you can imagine my delight when people actually read and responded on my cries of despair at the state of mainstream music in my post A socio-musical experiment in morning serenity. But now, I think it is time for people to see as much as I may bitch about popular music, my tastes are nothing to write home about either. And so, for your listening and laughing pleasure, here is a list of ten songs that I’m not always extremely proud of to have caught my fancy:

Click on the name and title for your listening pleasure courtesy, of course, of youtube.

10. Paolo Nutini- New Shoes

Paolo Nutini, if you have never heard of him is a sexy indie looking Scottish boy under the guise of a very exotic sounding Italian name. While you may not know him by name, you might recognise this song as I think it has been on the soundtrack of several movies, the latest that I’m aware of being “Something Borrowed”. Why is this song a guilty pleasure? How can it not be when you have a sexy man with guitar singing about how new shoes make bad days wonderful?

9. Britney Spears- Piece of me

I may not care much for mainstream music, but I have and always will have trouble hating Britney Spears. It’s almost as if I grew up with her and saw her through all her major life milestones: the unnecessary public announcement of the loss of her virginity to Justin Timberlake, her even more unnecessary marriage to Kevin Fatterline, the birth of her two babies, the absence of footwear in public washrooms…we’ll be here all night if I go on. Bottom line: Britney bitch, you be crazy but you still go it.

8. Haddaway- What is love?

What is love, you ask? 90’s music. It’s so hard to not do a little dance to this song with joyful nostalgia of your 13th birthday party when your 8th grade crush subtly informed you that your fly was open the whole time.

7. Spandau Ballet- True

Not only does this oldie bring back fond memories of awkward first slow dances but it always makes me think of the well-loved movie “The Wedding Singer” where the underdog  Adam Sandler gets the girl in the end. True love really does always prevail. I know THAT much is true.

6. MIKA- Grace Kelly

The anthem for creepers and stalkers worldwide. But I’m proud to proclaim my love for this song. I’m sure at some point in the past or some in the future, I have been/ will have been a creeper and a stalker myself. Not in a serious criminal way though. More like in the Facebook-staring subway-staring kind.

5. Katy Perry- Teenage Dream

I used to hate this song with a burning passion only comparable to that of the hatred of a fat kid for vegetables. But all credit goes to my favorite cover band Boyce Avenue for making me see the potential of this song with their gorgeous piano version. Unfortunately, I have to give Katy this one since she did release it first and her version is definitely catchier.

4. N’ Sync- I want you back

We’re in the top 4 now and this shit’s getting serious. And seriously, no guilty pleasure song list can be complete without N’ Sync and this song, which is all kinds of genius. From the 90’s boyband beats to the ridiculous shiny zipper jackets and that super sexy dance routine. This song is gold. And always will be.

3. 5ive- When the lights go out

In keeping with the seriousness of 90’s boybands, this was probably one of my very favorites. 5ive were a British boyband in the 90’s who were far more badass than their American counterparts. I measure boyband badassery by their ability to rap and those snazzy leather jackets. Don’t hate.

2.The Moffatts- Miss you like crazy

What kind of girl would I be if I put British and American boybands in this list and didn’t include a Canadian one? Most people will always remember their first one true love. The one that took forever to get over. I had 4 one of them in The Moffatts. I’m not ashamed to say that this was the song that still stirs up those feelings of unresolved pre-pubescent puppy love. And they had such beautiful harmonies for 14 year olds *tear*

1. Scissor Sisters- I don’t feel like dancing

These guys are so delightfully strange. This song ‘I don’t feel like dancing’ very ironically is one of the few songs that actually makes me feel like dancing. ANY song by the Scissor Sisters is a guilty pleasure. And I say this with all pleasure and no guilt. Also, this video is weird enough to scare away a bad day.

And there you have it! My guilt pleasure playlist. You may make all the fun of me you like and then secretly slip into blissful nostalgia at all these jewels.

I’d love to hear your guilty pleasure songs too!

Happy Listening!

16 thoughts on “Ten Guilty Pleasure songs of all time

  1. This list is amazing! I could not stop laughing and smiling at the reasons for each song.The only reason I love Teenage Dream is also because of Boyce Avenue, I ended up liking the songs a lot more once they make a cover of it. And I recently heard a bunch of teenage girls refer to One Direction as the new N’Sync….how dare they! (although I hate to admit their songs are catchy)

  2. Hooray for list-making and guilty-pleasures! They are all brilliant guilty-pleasure songs, except for ‘What is Love’ which I’m just about to hear for the first time that I know of.

  3. THis is a great list! Love #1… Although I’d argue that Teenage Dream isn’t very guilty. Totally forgot about 5ive!

    I’ve been doing Guilty Pleasure Fridays on my blog for a while, so I have a ton to add to the list! I’d love it if you stopped by. http://www.foodandwinehedonist.com check under “music”.

    As a teaser, here are some I’ve had – Backstreet Boys, Dead or Alive, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins’ Sussudio, and Wet Wet Wet.

  4. I love that you have Paolo Nutini one here! After watching Something Borrowed I used the SoundHound app to figure out what it was! As for guilty pleasure songs, I have a hard time picking one, but Ke$ha is definitely my all-time favorite guilty pleasure artist. Her songs are catchy, and get stuck in your head for days! And to think, I used to completely dislike her…


  5. you list have made me smile… most of those songs are on my list of “hate them, but can’t stop listening to them”… truly guilty! 🙂

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