The New Year of First World Problems

This year I spared myself the pain of failure of New Years Resolutions by cancelling them out totally. This is demonstrated by the fact that this post was started in January as a “New Years Resolution post“ but is only successfully published in March, Why? Because the pressure to follow through with blog posts  is WAY less.

For the past couple of years, I’ve had some hipster feelings about New Years Resolutions. People tell me all about theirs and I just sink into an emo abyss. New Year Resolutions are soooo oppressively mainstream. I came to this conclusion when I miserably failed at my lenten resolution a few years ago. If I didn`t have the willpower to keep my daily coffee intake to under three dessert bowl sized coffee mugs for 40 days, why cause more self-inflicted low self-esteem?

In my last post, I told the world that I became one of Canada newest landed immigrants. I’d like to think that the patriotic honeymoon phase will last eternally but the truth is, my newly minted Canadian status has been lacking some of its intial lustre lately.

Hardly two months after I became a resident and all the hoopla of immigration died out and my all friends stopped offering to take me for “celebratory coffees”, reality set in that my life hadn’t changed one bit.

The weather still displays asshole-like behavior, I still ride the same buses and Rob Ford is still the mayor of Toronto.

Mayor Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford

But I feel a sense of pride to be able to call myself a Torontonian even if the word ‘Torontonian’ sounds like a name given to baby T-Rex.

One of the things that became very apparent now that I’m an official resident was an overwhelming realisation of first world problems. They were always there and they`re now significantly magnfied since I don`t have third world problems to deal with anymore.

Here are some of the worst first-world problems I`ve had to deal with. Read it and weep for me.

1) The “high“ setting on my hair dryer is not high enough.

How hard is it for Sears to carry a brand of  hair dryers whose high setting doesn’t feel like a pair of butterfly wings fluttering around a lotus flower in the morning sunshine? Now I have to wait for this shitbox piece of crap to burn out until the next useless Conair I buy on sale. Life is pain.

2) The inability to cut avocadoes.

Anybody else think Canadian winters are the worst time to buy avocadoes? Those little bitches are hard as nails to cut up. Anyways, being the overflowing wellspring of patience that I am, I thought of a genius plan of quickening the avocado ripening process. Put the avocadoes in a brown paper bag and use my useless hair dryer to blow bursts of warm air in the bag. Fruit likes warmth right? Is avocado a fruit? My parents, past science teachers or anyone with two and half functionally firing neurons would have probably sighed with hopelessness at the sight of someone blowdrying avocadoes. No guacamole till April. Life is pain.

3) When your lipstick is done perfectly and you have to Roll up the Rim:

Every year, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons contributes significantly to seasonal depressive disorder by inflicting the ever popular “Roll up the Rim” upon overcaffienated Canadians. Throngs of people line up at Timmies every morning, noon and night for their double-doubles with excitement and anticipation at the prospect of biting off the rim of a paper cup to see just how much of nothing they won. It’s like the shittiest orgasm in the history of life. You keep building up to the promise of something sweet ( a free stale carrot muffin) only to have all of it crashing to pieces around you when you get nothing. Because there is nothing like the words “Sorry, please try again“ to pep up your mojo.

No stale muffin, no lipstick and no orgasm. Life is pain.

Here’s one my co-worker Kat ranted about the other day:

4) When you go home after a long day at work and your mother has dinner waiting for you but it`s something that you don`t like:

“I absolutely HATE it when I go home exhausted from work , and my mother has dinner waiting for me and it`s cauliflower. Yuck. So what if I`m still living at home? At 27. Rent free. ” Life is pain.

And for the grand finale…

5) When the hardest life choice you have to make comes down to deciding beween a coffee maker and toilet paper:

My coffee maker died right around  the time I ran out of toilet paper and I felt the world closing in on me. Since I do not own a vehicle, I could only carry home one of the bulky items from the store…toilet paper or a coffee maker. It is important to note that this impossible decision took two whole days to make, during which I exhausted all my emergency TP.

In the end, toilet paper won. Shit happens. For everything else, there’s Starbucks. I came up with a plan that was winning at life: I ordered the coffee maker online so it would be delivered straight to my house and went out to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy toilet paper. I wouldn’t have to lug home a large coffee maker box and toilet paper was light enough for my delicate frame to lug home.

But of course this first world universe had to shit on my parade. The very large bulk supply of toilet paper that I brought home that night turned out to be all paper towels instead (because I clearly cannot read labels). Three days later, I found a note on my front door telling me that Purolator dropped by to deliver my coffee-maker but since I wasn`t home to sign for it, I would have to go all the way to the post office and pick it up my myself.

I took that note and walked in the cold to the post office to pick up my brand new coffee-maker.

Now I have limp hair, seven rock-hard avocadoes, wasted lipstick, back pain from lugging home a coffee maker, frost bite, and a shit load of paper towels. But life is definitely less pain when you have coffee and toilet paper.  

What are some of your first world problems? 


33 thoughts on “The New Year of First World Problems

  1. 4. All I can say is I know someone who complained about 4 and it made me never talk to her ever again. Come to America. Our First World Problems are even more ridiculous.

  2. Loving your post – you just brought it home that my first world problems are not really that big of a problem, but I catch myself complaining about them – ha! Life is GREAT:) Happy Monday!

  3. My biggest first world problem right now is that my PVR will only tape two different shows at once. I’m looking into switching providers.

    Glad to have you back miss!

  4. Welcome to Canada! I can get a real good avocado but that’s about it. I live on guacamole w/rice crackers and vegetarian chili made with (likely) toxic over-processed soy burger because I can barely find decenbt shit to eat and hate eating frozen boxed foos and genetically engineered everything. In Italy I had crazy men, no heat, and 5 out of 8 years no internet or washing machine at home. However the food rocked. Can’t have it all I guess. 😛

  5. Buy a hair dryer from Canadian Tire. They have a 90-day return policy and a sale every other week – my $15 hair dryer heats up nicely! You aren’t the only one with first world probs, but don’t they just seem all-consuming? ugh.

  6. My nutmeg is too bland. I bought a big bag of tasteless nutmeg. I am so annoyed by this! So I bought some different nutmeg and that was bland as well! My porridge is so boring 😦 I had to put in twice as much today and it finally tastes OK. Is that first world enough? 😀

    • Excellent FWP! Did you get the nutmeg powder or a whole nutmeg? Maybe get a whole nutmeg and crush and grind it? Then you would have freshly ground nutmeg. I feel your pain about boring porridge. Porridge in and of itself tastes like prison food and then the nutmeg is too bland. Life is pain. And I’m feeling yours, friend.

  7. Oh wow! LoL!!! 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve had a fun week! 😦

    I buy quality toilet paper from ‘Iceland’ which is a large freezer store as I use less of the good stuff than I do of the bargain version, plus the loo roll manufacturers plant three trees for every one they use! 🙂

    ‘Iceland’ also do a free delivery service which is neat as I don’t have to haul my shopping home! 🙂

    I’m dreading the day my kettle folds, but I have the Internet so shopping is a breeze!

    I go everywhere by taxi which is paid for by the state, the cost low because of the high level of competition between firms!

    The only downer on my list is Doug: He who drinks instead of eats and curses me for saving his life when he set fire to his flat.

    Sometimes the best we can do is walk away, but he still keeps knocking at my door for free phone services and to beg money off me… 😦

    Oh yeah – and robot phone calls selling debt recovery services without actually specifying what debt they can help you recover.

    Love and hugs!


  8. One work computer has Windows Vista instead of Windows 7. My other work computer has an ancient I don’t-know-the-name of it Mac OS with InDesign CS1 that makes my work flow 3 times slower (I have time to browse webpages on my laptop while waiting for it to open files).

    This actually might not be a first world problem.

  9. “In the end, toilet paper won. Shit happens. For everything else, there’s Starbucks”…. I loved those lines. So, the perfect definition for #firstworldproblems is ‘the shitty things that happen to privileged citizens of a developed nation’. Toilet paper makes shitty things less of a mess and coffee keeps us awake enough to avoid the shitty things some pets leave on the sidewalk while we rush to catch the train, subway or bus.
    Shitty things and coffee makes me thing of eating McNuggets and drinking McCoffee.
    Thanks for posting.

  10. I put my gloopy nail polish in the fridge, opened the fridge to get out a strawberry milk and the polish smashed all over my floor. I then had to use the last of my nail polish remover to get it off my floor *sigh* kill me

  11. Life can be cruel. My kindle died while I was part way through a book and the local library didn’t have it! Still waiting to know how it ended! It’s been rough.

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