Unbreak my Umbrella

As per usual, I have taken one of my increasingly frequent leave of absences from WordPress. But I decided to come back, red-faced with shame, with this little cartoon strip. In case you were wondering how my patriotic honeymoon with Canada has been going, wonder about this no more. 

This has been the story of my (Canadian) life since you last heard from me. As you can see, in less than three months, I have become an expert Canada-complainer, diving enthusiastically into the realm of complaining through badly drawn cartoons even. 

This particular event happened yesterday:







And that’s what I have been up to since December.  

But I’m back! 😀


19 thoughts on “Unbreak my Umbrella

  1. It always amazes me how large populations of humans set up shop in the most frigid places on earth and seemingly use that as a bonding experience. “Ahhhhh…you sissy Floridians can’t enjoy getting pelted with hail and will never know how great coffee tastes after nearly getting frostbite!” No thank you!

    Well, you can all laugh come August, when our tranquil 90 degree weather is shattered by a friendly hurricane. Talk about snapping your umbrella! And losing your roof!

    You have a great blog…and educational too! I never knew so many different occupations used the Mountie uniform!

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