About Karen

 Welcome to my blog where I will continue to amaze you with my take on being a kinesiologist, decorating a house, drinking Starbucks and wearing skinny jeans that have shrunk after washing. For those of you who already know me, this is just a continuation of the adventure of mundane life. For those of you that are being introduced to this madness for the first time, I hope you have a sense of humor.

I live in Toronto. Toronto happens to be the ONLY city in North America that has a REAL castle (this could be misinformation by the Toronto Tourist Board) in addition to being the city where I take the slowest bus ride to work and drink Starbucks. I work in a tiny little physiotherapy clinic as a kinesiologist. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its basically a job where I tell you that you have no excuse for not exercising.

My desk at work  is an ergonomical disaster so I keep myself from having a permanent neck impairement by regular rigorous gym workouts. Let’s be honest though, I actually like going to the gym because the front desk guy is cute and the endorphins give me confidence to flirt shamlessly innocently.

My dream job would be to write. But I have no intention of quitting my day job just yet. I don’t like jewellery and my mother once told me that no boy will want to marry me if I didn’t wear gold. I don’t like to scoff at my mother’s theories because she’s usually right. Boys, what do you think?

In addition to spoiling myself by drinking Starbucks and looking fabulous wearing jeans (the skinny kind) I also blog about analogies, having bad days, happiness, unicorns, pet peeves, being skeptical, religion and annoying things. I like purse shopping. A lot. However, lately my work purse has started to get so heavy that I started to develop hip pain because I carry “dead bodies in my purse” (according to my boss).

I’ve switched to ‘carrying dead bodies’ in a backpack now. I hate carrying backpacks so I bought a cute little Jansport backpack with pink polka dots (no joke) to make myself feel better about not being able to carry a purse. Now, I look like an 8th grader. Say no to hip pain is what I always like to say.

So there you have it. My bigger and better organised blog for your reading pleasure. Leave comments because apart from being vain and loving the attention, I also take comfort in the fact that I might have made my friends laugh, cry (from laughing) or think (that they will probably piss their pants laughing).

100 thoughts on “About Karen

  1. Great blog. Made me chuckle. Have to tell you though, here in Victoria, BC we have two castles…Royal Roads (seen in Xmen etc) and Craigdarroch castle.

    • Thank you!

      Are serious about having two castles in Victoria? Someone needs to go to the City of Toronto website and give them a good nooging for fooling the public into thinking we’re so cool to have the only castle in North America lol.

  2. Karen, you are a cutie pie and a good writer with a perceptive mind.

    Forget about getting paid for writing. People used to get paid for writing when the supply was limited by the need for a printing press. Now the supply of writing (just on blogs alone) is unlimited, and writing is for fun and for free. Take it from an old guy who has lived in both worlds.

    Regarding jewelry: This is beyond shallow, but in my relationships with women, I find that NO jewelry is a warning sign. A dazzle of bling is fascinating, but probably it will fascinate the wrong guy, unless bling is what the woman is all about.

    One or two well-chosen baubles are just right. The bauble in your photo is perfect. Truth to tell, when you have long hair and a smile like yours, no additional ornamentation is required.

    • Hi there!

      Thank you so much for all your comments and encouragment. Blogging is relatively new to me too so I’m doing the best I can 🙂 Comments like yours make my day!

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  4. Aww thank you Mark! Please keep reading! I love feedback. And yes, you should visit Canada…although it probably won’t be any less colder lol

  5. You might not be ready to quit your day job but the day you do and your first book comes out I’ll be at the front of the line. Your posts are absolutely hilarious and wonderful! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  6. Your blog has been a thoroughly amusing read. Now I want Starbucks for some unknown reason. Also, I have a feeling nobody wants to tackle the sensitive subject of what makes a castle a castle, and not a fortified structure of some other sort. Does White Castle count as a castle?

    • Aww thanks! I’m curious to know how you found my blog. Either way, I’m glad you did and that I was able to amuse you. I would strongly advise you to get some Starbucks into your system. It’s one of the keys to happiness…at least for 10 minutes. White Castle would count as a castle only if it had secret passages, 20 feet ceilings and a moat. Which it probably doesn’t lol.


    • LOL does your mother also give you a hard time about it? Mine is just appalled everytime she sees me without earrings. Jewllery is annoying, my hair always gets caught up in necklaces and EVERYTHING gets caught up in rings. On the other hand, it is very nice to meet another girl who shares the same sentiment 😉

      • hello there! fellow toronto blogger 😉 (don’t worry! I read that on Brooke and McKenzie’s blog!)
        Well yes sometimes she does ask me to put on jewelry but she doesn’t put on any either, so she can’t really say much :p

    • Hahaha I like Starbucks just about as much as I dislike Tom Hanks so I’ve never seen that movie. BUT. Just for you (and more out of curiosity) I went on youtube and found the video for the scene you were talking about. Tom Hanks is basically talking about how coffee places like Starbucks make extremely indecisive people feel good about themselves by making the kind of coffee they want be one thing that they can decide on.

      Inspite of being offered so many options on how you like your coffee, you still feel good that even though you may not know what the hell you want in life, at least you know how you like your coffee.

      • now i know why i feel good when i order my coffee…hahaha…

        thanks for the research…very nice of you…else i would have ended up watching it two thousand times more n still would have wondered.. what is he talkin about…

        karen you havent seen that movie? why…
        its a classic…you have to see it….
        its like a pain killer…everytime m low n blue…i end up watching it ….
        m no tat romantic yet i cant get enuf of diz one….
        if u dont like tom hanks…watch it for gorgeous Meg Ryan…

  7. Nice blog. I’ll subscribe and make an effort to keep up with you.

    By the way: I’m from Scotland and walk past Edinburgh castle every day. Also a REAL castle but we have many here so it’s not really fair 😉

  8. I feel that if someone spends as much time in skinny jeans and starbucks as i do, i should be following their blog 🙂

  9. Very awesome. Nice to meet you. Love your title! Glad you were freshly pressed…gave me a chance to run into a great blog that made me laugh. We had the same blogging dream…being Freshly Pressed and having major publishers, or at least one, call us and say “we love your blog, like to offer you a contract…” You’re one of two…you’re on your way. 😉

  10. I got to your blog as it was freshly pressed – goal achieved! I really enjoy your writing style, the humor is great- have you ever considered a memoir? Back to the self publishing topic, I’m going with Friesen press, it’s DIY with expert guidance, something to think about.

  11. Hi Karen,
    I came across your blog and became instantly hooked, so thank you for that! Also I am starting a blog of my own and wanted to see if you had any tips you could give me? I love when you said that writers block is just fear or laziness, and I must admit I suffer from both, fear that no one will read anything I have to say, and laziness because watching TV is so much easier then trying to be witty! Anyway, would love to hear any advice you have! Thanks again!

  12. Hi Karen, great blog huh! At the moment I click your About Karen, I was already laughing hilariously because of the way you write. It entertains a lot. Thanks for that. Keep up and congratulations for your hundreds of followers!

  13. No such luck about the castle, babe….I’m from TO and live in Tarrytown, NY — and we have a castle NEXT DOOR. No kidding. It’s now a Relais and Chateaux five-diamond hotel; we go up for cocktails once in a while.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  14. I’m sold! I can’t wait to follow your humorous take on life. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed (is that all it takes? Just to ask? Shoot, maybe I should try that!), and thanks for keeping us all informed about the idiots at Starbucks (I worked there for three years. I know plenty of them).

  15. Very entertaining might I say. You have a new stalker follower. Gave me a little motivation to post a new blog entry myself this week.

  16. Just read your “About Me.” You ARE a writer, and a very good one. You may not be making a living at it yet, but how many of us “dreamer writers” are? I’m looking forward to reading more of your good humor and work out inspirations! By the way, I had similar hip pain after carring a computer bag and/or a baby on the same hip for a bit. Yoga focusing on my SI joint helped a lot. Glad you found a cute backpack; mine is a purple Patagonia, same reason and same rationale as you!

  17. wow karen! holy molies you seem to be the mother of visited blogs~! me im john a from slc ut usa. not a mormon, no wives, no weird hats, donna wanna convert ye. i agree doing is the pudding s proof, i think i m good, i think i should get pressed every day~! hahhah. kudos on the coffee, don t know about skinny jeans nothing skinny bout me cept my lacka wallet on the snare (sorry don henley!) or ma mind. so toronto ontario? there s other crap there too , like great lakes, a nuddie beach and the steretypical canadian indirect consent to queen and um regime. salve regina! long live the queen? and her as well> la dee frickin da~ ok bye.

  18. I’ve always wanted to visit Toronto. I’ve seen pictures and heard great things about how nice it actually is. Your blog is some great stuff!

  19. I am so wanting to move to Toronto. I speak a rudimentary French and have always wanted to have opportunity to practice. Being newly retired, it is my first opportunity to get out of this bloody conservative Texas and live where it matters about mass transit, etc. So, until then, I will live vicariously through you.

  20. Hey you fabulous you! You are nominated for the Academy Award Winning Writers Association for…drumroll…The Most Versatile! The Academy would like to thank you for your unending/unwavering awesomeness from yours truly @ Random Acts. Don’t forget me in your acceptance speech! Kiss, kiss, hugs all around!

  21. Karen…omg! I’ve only recently read your last few blogs and as Wendy Williams ( a female talk show host) would say ” you’re definitely a friend in my head” I only laugh this hard with my BFF who ironically is a writer! Your sense of humor is very similar to ours and refreshing! I’m very new to blogging, very lazy, and a master procrastinator but I have to say I am inspired to finally begin…tomorrow. lol! I have been encouraged by many to express myself through writing which has been a fear of mine for years . Your honest & fearless writing style lets me know that I might too might share my intellect and rhetoric or at least some really great comically laden stories for someone else’s SNG’s and may they can pay the happiness and laughter forward! U rock! I’ll keep updated with your new upcoming skinny jean travels and insight!

  22. Hey Karen,

    I’ve “nominated” you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, which basically just means that I’m letting my readers know that I love your blog, and I’m linking them to you in this post (http://metamedication.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/kreativ-blogger-award/)

    Don’t feel any pressure to perpetuate these things…they’re kind of like the WordPress version of chain letters. But if you want to, you can write a post telling your readers 7 things they may not know about you, and “nominating” 7 other bloggers for the award.

    Regardless, I hope more people find your blog because it is great. See you around!

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  24. There are many castles in the United States. There’s even a Wiki page that lists them and some of them look as if they came out of the dark ages. For example, I first visited Hearst Castle as a child maybe more than fifty years ago and it is in San Simeon, California that was built on a hill top.


    Wow, I had no idea how many castles there are in the US until I read your post and decided to check.



    Then there is Villa Amorosa in Napa Valley, Calif. that I now want to visit and tour.


    Thank you.

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