Of all the things that have changed, blow-drying avocados is not one of them

Happy New Year you guys!!

Yes, it has been exactly 9 months since my last post. That’s enough time for a whole human being to come into existence. (This is NOT the reason for my disappearance)

It seems that I’ve been through a series of life changes over the last 9 months. And not changes like, Oh hayyyyy…I bought a new plant.

No, I mean real changes!

1) I got a new job- no more skinny jeans to work, just corporate rags. That’s right…CORPORATE. And ‘corporate’, as we call know, is just another word for I have better looking people on my commutes.

2) I moved. I used to live in a basement with small windows.l have now upgraded!! 😀

Now I live in a basement with big windows). More importantly, it has shortened my commute time from one hour and a bus full of mass murderers to 30 mins and a couple of hobos.

3) I got a new boyfriend. Guys!  I’m now actually dating an real human male,  not a Ryan Gosling meme. I was able to  confirm that we’re boyfriend/girlfriend when he changed his profile picture on Facebook (you know shit’s real when…)

I thought this might be a good place to pick up where we left off- with big changes. I considered  changing my blog name and starting over but that made no sense. This was what I built everything on. But I will admit there will probably be some changes in content:

– Won’t have any more of my single girl escapades. We all know that was the cornerstone of this blog.

– Won’t talk about the suburb freaks on public transit. Now it will be the urbane freaks. Freaks all the same.

*Another new development that was totally missed out the first time around*- My best friend Bernice, who I have been friends with for over 10 years, got married (I wrote her a kick ass Maid of Honor speech) AND MOVED DOWN THE STREET FROM ME!!. Buh bye, Skype.  Hello many after work happy hours and pie dates!

On the flip side, here are the things that did not change:

– I still take public transit,

– I still live in Toronto ( Immigration Canada still sees me fit to live here.)

– I still find myself browsing feminist Ryan Gosling memes at 2am. Apparently dating someone does not magically make Ryan memes any less addictive. Sometimes I look at Grumpy Cat memes too.

– I still come home from work and lounge around with Suits/Mad Men/Dexter reruns.

This blog will be different but still the same as The Chronicles. It’s still me, just facing different things. But still blow-drying avocados in the winter.

Its good to be back, folks. Again. 😉

What have all you guys been up to when I was gone?!


24 thoughts on “Of all the things that have changed, blow-drying avocados is not one of them

  1. Welcome back! And congratulations on nine months of careful gestation, leading to such a wonderful bundle of joy like this.

    Nifty background. It reminds me of a Fred Basset duvet cover I had as a kid, where the pattern was a load of comic strips overlaying each other. It confused me at the time because you couldn’t see all the panels, meaning I never found out what happened at the end of any of them.

  2. Glad to have you back oh skinny one!!! 🙂

    All good news – now you won’t need the Taser as often! 🙂

    Glad to have you back my love – you were missed!!! 🙂

    Huge hugs and kisses!!! 🙂


  3. welcome back! Happy New year!
    You are so right not to change your blog. I did that with mine, it felt right at a time… now I feel like I’ve lost a tonne of myself… (and my followers, but may be they weren’t real)… anyways, really glad for your changes and best of luck! 🙂

  4. Welcome back, business rag wearing Toronto girl! Nine months of changes! That’s amazing – but I can feel your humor in every word of this post – you are soooooo going to be back!
    Oh – and congrats on your relationship! It won’t change you much, believe me – mine didn’t change me either! LOL
    Have fun in your newly arranged life!!

  5. So I jet lagged, awake and stumbled across this!! Yay!! Welcome back to blogging BFF! Can finally read your witty writing on my commute to work! Another major development that you missed was that bffs since 1999 finally live down the street from each other again after 10yrs!! 🙂

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