Unbreak my Umbrella

As per usual, I have taken one of my increasingly frequent leave of absences from WordPress. But I decided to come back, red-faced with shame, with this little cartoon strip. In case you were wondering how my patriotic honeymoon with Canada has been going, wonder about this no more. 

This has been the story of my (Canadian) life since you last heard from me. As you can see, in less than three months, I have become an expert Canada-complainer, diving enthusiastically into the realm of complaining through badly drawn cartoons even. 

This particular event happened yesterday:







And that’s what I have been up to since December.  

But I’m back! 😀


My day in Cartoon Motion

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Since words could never express my feelings towards Tuesdays (not even thousands of them), I will give you just the pictures instead…with a few words thrown in for added effect.

My alarm actually sounds like the warning signal of a maximun security prison. Not the self-loathing inner voice spoken by my BlackBerry.


Who wakes up to holes in their breakfast?!?!


It was not a reassuring day at work


Things always start to look up halfway through Tuesday


I spent 20 minutes looking for Aisle 40. 10 minutes of that were spent trying not to run into Pepe, the angry mexican sales associate.


I'm thrilled at being so proactive in driving mice and anything else with a pulse crazy.

Now Dexter (my phantom house mouse) hates Tuesdays just as much as I do.