Look what you have done, WordPress!

No, this is not another shameless bid to get WordPress’ attention to get myself Freshly Pressed. Although, who am I to protest and complain if they do after reading this?

By now, if you are a WordPress blogger you would have realised that there truly isn’t a better platform from which to springboard your innermost thoughts and fantasies to a whole bevy of strangers around the world. And even then, everyday I discovered new nifty little tricks and features that WordPress keeps adding to enhance my TMI sharing experiences with even more strangers I ever imagined possible.

But I’m not going to waste an entire blog post praising the WordPress features that you already have come to know and love. Today, I’m going to show you how WordPress is awesome in a totally different way: Connecting People in real life.

It came to be realised that there were quite a few of us 20-something Torontonian bloggers, most of whom were somehow connected and subscribed to each other. From this fact was born our very ambitious mini-blogger convention. Sadly our first convention only consisted of three people (hence mini). You may or may not recognise these amazing bloggers:

Breezyk from The Camel Life

Janice (Cafe23) from Your Daily Dose

and of course, yours truly, Karen from The Chronicles of a Skinny Jeans-wearing Toronto girl

It all began like any potentially good online dating story (or the stuff  good reality TV is made of). I started reading Breezyk’s The Camel Life sometime last year when I came across her post about going to some Wine and Food convention. I was effectively hooked after reading her ‘About Me’ section. I have no idea what she saw in me at the time but we decided to meet up for a glass of Pinot. I was never one to turn down a fellow wino.

Three glasses of classy juice later, we knew we would be BFFs. Well I was thinking we would be. She was probably thinking about how she was going to be hungover at work the next day. Regardless, we knew that the only thing that would make this even better the next time was if we actually had more awesome bloggers in the mix.

Janice from ‘Your Daily Dose’ was another blogger who I started following fairly recently. I think the first post I read of hers was about the Kingston Penitentiary. This was really strange because after reading her ‘About Me’ section, the first thought that came to mind was “what the heck is a sweet girl like her doing in King Pen?!” Then I found out she was a Criminology major after which I promptly hit the Follow button. Anyone who is drop dead beautiful, likes week-long hikes and camping in the wilderness, has the voice of an angel and writes posts about King Pen definitely is a blogger to be reckoned with.

You mix all of us together and you get an evening of wine, Italian food goodtimes! Here’s some photographic evidence that this actually happened.

Left to Right: Breezy, Karen and Janice. There were no Cut, Paste or gun point threats involved in the making of this photo

It’s always wonderful when we as bloggers follow each other and support each other’s blogs with follows, comments and likes. But there’s really nothing like actually getting to meet these wonderful people in person and laughing and sharing stories. Breezyk and Janice, you guys rock! Here’s to many more blogging years and mini conventions in the future!

And more importantly, if any of you bloggers are Toronto-based or close to the GTA, drop us a line! This could only get better from here.

 Have you ever met a fellow blogger who is a complete stranger in real life? How did it turn out?


59 thoughts on “Look what you have done, WordPress!

  1. I was making IRL friends from the internet before it became cool! None yet have come from WordPress but I’ve barely made any contact with new people here.

    I’m not from Toronto, though – a whole province over. Well, at least the country’s right.

  2. OMG amazing!!! Ha! I love this so much!! You are just too kind with your words *blush* it was awesome meeting you and Breezy. So surreal when you know people simply through a blog and then you’re suddenly sitting at a table together cheering with a glass of wine. Can’t wait for more mini-conventions!! 🙂

  3. That’s awesome! A blogger & I who follow each other on WordPress randomly met through a mutual friend (that we didn’t know we had!), it was so cool. I’m in Ottawa but if ever I end up relocating to Toronto I might try and join you girls!

  4. You three lovely ladies look fabulous there. Which lucky person got to take the photo?

    I personally would feel a bit weird meeting up with people from the Internet. I know people do it all the time but I couldn’t get over the fear that one of the other people might be an axe murderer.

    • The lucky person was a waitress with the biggest ass ever. And she didnt look like she thought she was lucky to be taking this photo.

      I know what you mean. You always run the risk of having a drink with an axe murderer in these types of situations. Its why I carry a machete in my purse all the time. You can never be safe enough. But look at all of us. We don`t look like serial killers do we? hmmm

  5. I have totally met someone from online by complete accident! I was a member of a Portlanders (Oregon) community blog and one evening as I was in line at a winter brew-fest, I saw a familiar face…it took me a minute to place it, but I recognized it as the face from a picture avatar from a fellow blogger! I couldn’t let it go, so I approached him and said hello. Now we are buddies who go out to dinner and sometimes hike together!

  6. you’re all great writers and deserved to be recognized. been enjoying your posts. sometimes i wonder how your brains are wired. but i guess, in the scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.

  7. Amazing to read this. One day I hope to experience quite the same, but since I am not blogging in my mother tongue, this will be harder, because most just write in Dutch instead of English here.

    • Hahaha Marcos, meet henrytimisela a fellow Netherlands blogger who just commented on this post about 7 comments before yours. I believe he’s from Rotterdam.

      Either way, I hope you do find more English speaking Dutch bloggers. Or maybe your could also blog in Dutch? Or you could just move to Toronto. So many options for you hahah

      • Haha, in my humble opinion, I believe English to be a far superior language. It’s more creative, stronger when it comes to sayings and all. So moving to Toronto it will be 😛
        Will check out hnery’s blog thoguh. Who knows 🙂

  8. I used to blog a few years ago and there was a monthly meeting for Montreal’s blogger, it was call Yul Blog. It was a meeting held in a bar on Rachel street on the Plateau Mont-Royal the first Wednesday each month where all Quebec blogger (French and English) could go, have a pint and chat.

    I went there only one time, I did not really liked it. Some bloggers had big ego and they looked down at you the other thing some people seems quite nice on their blog but when meeting them in person well ……… they lacked some social skills and you understand why they write instead of talking

    But still, it was interesting to meet some of those bloggers

    • Was this blogger meeting just for WordPress bloggers or bloggers in general? I think with general groups like that you’re bound to have run ins with unsavory characters. I can understand how awkward that would be. I guess this one was a success because it more or less involved people we actually know and follow.

  9. Hey, it’s amazing that I should read this post on this very day! Because I just found a blog I LOVED. The blogger and I think so damn alike. We commented the same thing on each other’s blogs (without knowing) and that’s how it all started. We think super-alike. And it’s great to know I’ve found someone like a twin soul from across the distance. I was actually considering the possibility of meeting her someday…and there! I saw this post! Good to know you had a wonderful time! 🙂 Wishing you more such meetings ahead!

    • THIS IS A SIGN!!! lol…you should definitely not discard that possibility. Breezyk and I were talking about this. The awesome thing about having similar blogs is that you meet someone who is so alike you and yet both sides are from two completely different worlds and would have never met under normal circumstances and become friends.

      I’m sure we will have more of these in the future. In the meantime, goodluck to you and I hope you continue finding like-minded bloggers!!

  10. You mean I’m NOT the only blogger from Toronto? Shocked! Haha, actually it seems like the Internets are just littered with us Ontarians these days 🙂

    Haven’t met any other bloggers yet – and I’m certain after reading my blog, people would be rather hesitant of a face to face with Nancy and her unpredictable hair.

    • I know!! I’ve been noticing a lot of canadian bloggers. Maybe its because we’re the most literate of them all? Or maybe we just have too much time of our hands.

      You and your unpredictable hair would be perfect for our blogger convention. I’d like to think our convention is not very conventional. See how I just played with words there? Ha. You may recieve a very creepy email asking you if you and your lion hair want to join a whole bunch of strangers at some random location in Toronto for alcohol and goodtimes.

  11. Is it weird that one of my fantasies has been to have all 3 of you in the same room at once? I would like to print that picture out and leave it on my desk at work. I can say you’re my sisters.

    All you guys need is some faction name. The Toronto Three? That way it can be T to the Third Power. Well I guess that would be like 27 wouldn’t it? TTT though you could use. I’m sure you three can come up with something better. The Terrible Toronto Trio. That’s 4 T’s. Can you tell I like alliteration?

    • Hah Tim, I thought you would get a kick out of this one seeing as how you’re probably the only one here who reads all three of our blogs.

      Would you actually print a photo of three complete strangers and put it on your work desk and tell everyone they’re your sisters? Because that wouldn’t a touch shady at all. Of course, you would also have to explain how your parents pulled an Angelina and adopted one Indian and one Asian kid.

      You do like aliteration, don’t you! What a delightfully strange and funny guy you are 😀

  12. Reblogged this on Your Daily Dose and commented:
    So I have to admit that I’m actually a pretty private person and I like to keep my blogging life apart from my personal life for the most part. But when Karen from The Chronicles of a Skinny Jeans Wearing Toronto Girl asked if I wanted to hook up in real life, I was all for meeting my blogging sista! I was also psyched when BreezyK from The Camel Life also joined us to partake in some good Italian food and wine!

    Thanks for getting us together, Karen, and for this awesome post about our mini-Toronto bloggers convention. I love it!!

  13. I’m not from Canada, but I do have mad love for your country and Toronto in particluar. I’m a wrestling fan and many of my all time favorites (Edge, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart) are from Canada. You may not know it, but Toronto is a wrestling capital. Your hometown has one of the richest wrestling histories of any major wrestling market (Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, St. Louis, Tokyo, etc) in the world. I think it’s cool that you were able to meet some of your fellow bloggers in person. I have several blogging buddies I’d love to meet in person someday. Even though I only communicate with them through blogging, I feel like they’re real friends I could sit down and enjoy a cup of joe (Starbucks of course!) with.

    I think this is my first time commenting on your blog, even though I subscribed to you months ago. Keep up the good work and pray that I become a Freshly Pressed blogger like you in the future!!! Lol

  14. Hmmmm – That’s pretty cool. But all I need to do now is meet someone who’s blogging here in Europe, preferably in The Netherlands.

    Okay okay – the chances of that are VER SLIM – but I would hope to meet a WordPresser here soon! I should add that to my blog.

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