My day in Cartoon Motion

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Since words could never express my feelings towards Tuesdays (not even thousands of them), I will give you just the pictures instead…with a few words thrown in for added effect.

My alarm actually sounds like the warning signal of a maximun security prison. Not the self-loathing inner voice spoken by my BlackBerry.


Who wakes up to holes in their breakfast?!?!


It was not a reassuring day at work


Things always start to look up halfway through Tuesday


I spent 20 minutes looking for Aisle 40. 10 minutes of that were spent trying not to run into Pepe, the angry mexican sales associate.


I'm thrilled at being so proactive in driving mice and anything else with a pulse crazy.

Now Dexter (my phantom house mouse) hates Tuesdays just as much as I do. 



26 thoughts on “My day in Cartoon Motion

  1. Pepe no like it when the senoritas try to keel senor Speedy Gonsalez with the loud noise maker.

    Great cartoon. Tuesdays may suck balls, but they’ve inspired you to draw and bring joy to the blogosphere.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • lol thank you! I don’t even know if this is a mouse or not. So far there are absolutely no traces of mice. There was fruit and chocolate near my peanut butter sandwich!!! :/ What kind of a self-respecting mouse eats whole wheat bread and peanut butter and ignores chocolate?! :S

      I think I may be sleep walking.

    • hmmm…so far I feel like running away from my own home from the sound of that buzzing noise so I’m sure Dexter must be homeless and living in the subway by now.

      It sounds as if your mice are the long-lost, merry-making, fat and inappropriate Italian cousins of my shy, polite vegan Torontonian mouse.

  2. Kaareenn!!!! I love your blog oh so much. I realized I had been slacking with reading your older posts and they were just as amusing as this one. Love the comics element.

    I gave up listening to non Christian music last year for Lent and nearly died. Just the memory of it all makes me shudder so horrifically… and I have gracefully declined to give up anything this year due to the torture of last year.

    Anyways, I hope all is going well with you and keep on writing. I laugh everytime. 🙂

    • awww sanks Gen! As long as you keep coming back, that will keep me happy. I totally feel you on the Christian music. I tried to do the exact same thing coupled with no chocolate one year. I don’t even like Christian music but I preferred it to the dead silence and/ or having to listen to people’s shitty conversations on the bus. What a disaster! This year I have Lent burnout.

  3. Lill thinks you should buy a snake as they eat mice; I think you should move; we both think you need to drink more on Monday night (this has proven useful in significantly improving our Tuesdays 🙂 …J

    • hahahah actually they took just as long as it would have taken me to write a blog post. I thought it would take years but its really not so bad if you know what you’re going to do it on. They’re quite fun I have to say!

      As for le mouse, yes. I actually saw him scurrying around. Very likely there’ll be another post about Little Dexter.

  4. Ahahahaha! Omg, that’s hilarious. Is that the first comic you’ve done? I haven’t seen any other of these amazing creations of yours =P
    Oh man, mice scare the SHIT out of me. I hope they’re gone!!

    • hahah yes! This is my first comic. But I have drawn these silly cartoony pictures for other posts. The last one I did it for was the bachelorette post. They were a fun and humorous way to illustrate my written posts so I thought why not just make a whole series of them. I’m loving the concept. I might do it again if I get a silly story to tell.

      Mice to me are scary only because they’re always terrified and they just scurry about in every direction. I’m always scared one will jump out at me in fright. Other than that, my little visitor is so cute. He’s so small. I never knew it could be possible to be so ridiculously cute and so ridiculously disgusting at the same time.

  5. Right now your blog is glowing angelically. I’ve been looking for this type of blog since I joined wordpress, it’s unbelievably funny and real (I italized that it my mind ._.) and I’m definitely following. By the way, congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    I hope you’ll check out my blog too, I would be honored (:

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