Can I now call my blog “Award-Winning”?

So I won a few blogging awards! Woohoo! 😀

I have no idea who Liebster is...but I'll take it.

 To the bloggers who actually nominated me for these awards, don’t roll your eyes at me. I know this is long overdue.
I won these a while back and since they came with no cash reward or grocery store coupons, I forgot all about them and the rules of the exclusive blog awards.

This is set to be my new MSN screen name. Because only versatile bloggers still use MSN.


I wish I had an awesome blog-reader award that I could give away!

But here they are now. The rules of these awards (from what I understand) are as follows:
1) Tell everyone 1000 things about myself. Well actually, one of the awards say I have to tell you nothing, another says 7 things and the ABC one says I have to do a whole alphabet of things about myself.
Now, I’m not sure how many more things you need to be reading about me. I think I burden you with enough of useless life details in my blog so I’m going to go with an average of all these awards: three. Be prepared to have your life changed. Or at least have 10 minutes of it wasted.
2) Give a shout out to the person who nominated you for the award and nominate 5 other blogs.  Let me give you 5 blogs with a lot of shouting out and call it a day.
3) Post the award on your profile and on the blog nominee’s profile. Easy peasy.
Alright, let’s this started then…
Three things about Karen:
1) I love going on solo getaways:
Last February: “Hey guys! I’m going away for the long weekend!”
                               “So exciting! Where are you going? And with whom?”
                               ” I’m going to Montreal!!…by myself.”
                               “Oh! Wait…what?”
2) I am lazy, which would explain why it took me months to write this post. In fact, the only reason I didn’t say I am VERY lazy is because I was too lazy to type VERY. (But apparently not lazy enough to make this point)
3) I hate oatmeal. It tastes like something you’d eat if you were in prison.
Now, for the good part! Here are five blogs that are all worthy of being loved and read:
The Camel Life: My Pinot-loving, Starbucks-drinking Toronto homegirl AND awesome real-life friend AND two-time Freshly Pressed WordPress extraordinaire Breezyk will have you laughing and crying (with laughter) at her observations of everyday life. She takes the most mundane things and brings out the humor which we all see and yet do not take notice of enough. Her writing style is witty, engaging, and very smart.  Which is why you need to go to her blog right now and subscribe! GO!
The Dissemination of Thought: Lyndon, who calls himself TDot first got my attention for his excellent piece on his single guy kitchen adventures which got Freshly Pressed. Then I discovered that he called himself TDot, which got me all excited to think that there was yet another exceptional Toronto blogger. Alas! he isn’t from Toronto. But the fact still remains that this man is a brilliant writer and some of his posts actually make me laugh out loud. Be it telling you how to arrange eggs in your fridge or about disastrous dates, TDoT never fails to entertain.
Your Daily Dose: Cafe23 or Janice is a sweetheart and her posts always make me smile. You can tell from her writing that she loves engaging her readers in conversation and is just a kind and positive person. And she’s Canadian!! And she sometimes has some awesome comics and illustrations! What’s not to love!! Check her out people! 
One Life: Jamie’s blog is one of those reads that are just heart-warming and positive. He has some pretty funny takes on life and some awesome lists. But my favorite has got to be the book he wrote and illustrated as a child, The Bag Basher which is the story of a cranky old lady who bashes people in the face with her handbags. And there is a sequel too!  The Bag Basher Returns. A must read for any literary-inclined individual!  
Lill and Jill: Lill and Jill’s blog is a recent discovery that already has me in stitches. They are roommates who I’m pretty sure are the ones who inspired the sitcom “Two Broke Girls”. Their blog posts are all the light-hearted conversations that they have with each other…which I can assure you are sarcastic and hilarious. Check them out!!
And that’s it for today!  I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do 🙂
Thank you, thank you, thank you once again for reading all my crap. Your comments and feedback make me happy like a tick on a fat dog. (I’ve been dying to use that phrase. DYING I tell you!)
Until next time, happy reading! And be sure to send these awesome bloggers some love too 🙂

30 thoughts on “Can I now call my blog “Award-Winning”?

  1. Congratulations and blog on, Once an old German agreed on backpacking being the finest way to travel. And that was my inspiration to wonder around.!!!

  2. Yay! I am listed! I have been awarded? Do I get an Oscar night event? I didn’t get a dress…. I haven’t got my Jolie leg ready….. Oh damn!

    Thanks for the mention. It’s great that people are reading my stuff and sticking with it. So, ‘The Bag Basher’ has gone stateside. I love that.

    The 11 year old me would have been thrilled had he known this internet lark would be so cool.

  3. Congrats on the award! “Liebster” was my keyword this morning when looking for blogs to read. I’m ambivalent myself with the award, although grateful to have won it. But I’m more happy to have stumbled upon your blog.

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