Ten things I`ve learnt from being a WordPress blogger

I’ve been blogging for a little over two years now. You would think I would have been a best-selling author and have publishing houses begging for my signature on book deals by now. But alas… it’s been a slow journey. I have no complaints though. While my personal life has seen better days in the past few years, blogging has been like the first sip of morning coffee. Warm and comforting.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said there were no low points of being completely uninspired and unmotivated. But even at those times, I always knew that I had a little niche that was all my own. I had a small following of people who gave me the satisfaction of having clicked on my blog link even if they could have cared less for its content. Every single view that shows up in my blog stats gets a celebratory smile of gratefulness and satisfaction even till today.

And so, for all the ups and downs of this blog, here are some lessons I managed to take from it:

1. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. And I’m not just saying that because I’m dying to get Freshly Pressed. (HINT, WordPress. Hint)

2. I’m a much better writer than a speaker. Which means if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’re getting a much better deal out of me as a writer than my real life friends get out of me as a verbal-diarrhea-inclined noise box.

3. The best blog posts I’ve ever written were borne out of social tragedies such as imbeciles on public transit, embarrassing myself in front of attractive men and dating disasters, rather than Google search results for ‘best blog post ideas’.

4. To write well, you have to write what you know. If all you know is how to unsuccessfully run a small business of selling stolen articles, then starting a blog filled with posts on why this a bad idea from your jail cell may be the best idea you could have ever had. Knowing your niche is key.

5. You may be a good writer when you start writing. But you will be a better one if you keep at it… and then maybe even a great one someday without even realising it. But one thing’s for sure, regardless of whether continued blogging makes you a good writer or a great writer, it sure will make you an expert typer.

6. For some bloggers, writer’s block is just another word for fear or stress. But for me, more often than not, it’s another word for laziness.

7. I have the best blog readers in the world.

8. If you can capture your reader’s attention in the first paragraph, then it can be said with a significant amount of certainty that you’ve got them hooked for the rest of it. If however, your way of capturing attention is by posting a nude photo of yourself as the first paragraph then maybe blogging is not for you.

9. Sometimes, the difference between a great blog post with 40 views and an average blog post with 250 views is a catchy blog title. Actually, that’s ALWAYS the difference.

10. Rome wasn’t built in one day. And your blog will not be a smash hit in 3 months. Unless you get Freshly Pressed 15 times in a row. In which case, you’re probably awesome and I’d want to be featured on your blog and ride that wave with you.

There are other lessons that I have learnt but that would throw off the perfect number 10. If you are a blogger, I`d like to know what you`ve learnt from this whole experience? And if you are a 15 time Freshly Pressed blogger, make yourself known.

UPDATE: Dear Everyone,

On March 13th, 2012, over a month after I published this post, WordPress actually Freshly Pressed it! I was only (half)joking about getting Freshly Pressed. And now I am overwhelmed with all the sweet and encouraging  responses this is getting. I cannot thank you all (and WordPress of course) enough for this. Please know that every single one of your ‘likes’, views, follows and wonderful comments got a VERY happy “celebratory smile of gratefulness and satisfaction”. (I haven’t stopped smiling). I will try my very best to respond to all of your comments. Thank you all so much once again.


485 thoughts on “Ten things I`ve learnt from being a WordPress blogger

  1. “I’m a much better writer than a speaker. Which means if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’re getting a much better deal out of me as a writer than my real life friends get out of me as a verbal-diarrhea-inclined noise box.”

    You’ve basically just described me. If I wrote how I spoke, even I wouldn’t subscribe to my blog.

    • What can I say TDot? Us bumbling fools need to shock the world with our impressively superior written skills. I think you should write a post as if you were speaking. Mine would look like a giant 1000-word paragraph with no spacing, punctuation marks or a general filter. I don’t know why I suggest such terrible ideas.

      • Interesting discussion. I write exactly as I speak (I think). I’ve been told that I must use my hands a lot when I do speak – which made me think – how on earth would a reader know that? Because in fact I do! (apparently it’s due to excessive exclamation marks, commas, hyphens etc…etc… all added in bits and bobs that are probably unnecessary!)

      • That is absolutely me ,too.
        I’ve been blogging on and off for 11 years. I’ve had meet-ups with people in “real life” who I met through blogging and I think they were disappointed slightly! Well, maybe not…but definitely taken aback at the difference between writey me and in-person me.

    • I am new to blogging. You just described me. I am a verbal-diarrhea -inclined noise machine who needs to learn how to master the art on how to communicate by the wonderful art of writing. English is my second language and this is my second challenge to accomplish. Meanwhile I will enjoy reading all the blogs from all over the world and sending my comments.

    • So true, I’m at a good uni yet I speak like I’m practically illiterate most of the time, especially under pressure (handy). People are always surprised when I tell them my grades, or read my blog. Don’t know if I should take it as a compliment or not!

  2. Hi Skinny! I start writing this year and the goal is to make a post everyday. 18 years ago I wrote my first shortstories and all of a sudden stop. Now I write not as I speak, I like to twist the words and say the same, but differente. Try to have fun so my few followers can also smile as the read.

    This journey is awsome and I enjoy a lot the time of the day I take to write.

    Thank you for your advice and keep bloging!

      • Hi!!! Your suggestions or experiences are quite worthy for prospective bloggers like me, thanks for the information. Your finds are very equivalent of that of mine, especially of the writers block. Writers block for many arises probably of a sudden dearth in inspiration or say ideas. What one needs at that precise situation is belief and a profusion of patience and determination. The Irony is that its easy to say than follow the same…

  3. For me, one of the biggest lessons is that sometimes, you can’t be afraid about offending people. Inevitably, you’re going to make someone uncomfortable with a topic you choose to blog about, but it’s often that discomfort that challenges people to read an respond.

    • So very true. I cannot agree anough with this one. I’ve thought from time to time about writing posts on controversial topics and then decided against it. Mostly because I want my blog to be a generally friendly place for everyone. Of course I will give my opinions on random things like men, music, movies, the weather, maybe even fashion but I stay away from politics and religion (every major controversial issue stems from one of those)
      Of course there’s the the element of fear of offending someone but its also that talking about those kinds of issues was never what my blog was going to be about anyway.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! 🙂

  4. This was great and I completely agree.
    The reason we keep our blog anonymous is because we want to be able to say whatever we want and be as open as we can be with our readers. We feel if people knew us they would somewhat judge us or relate to certain events or wonder why we feel a certain way.
    We want to get whatever it is that’s on our minds out there and find people that like it or hate it, regardless it’s fun and exciting!

    Happy blogging and here’s to many more years of blogging!

    • I find it pretty hard to keep anything annonymous these days. Sooner or later, someone or other finds out about it. But I totally understand how annonymity helps.
      That’s how I feel too. There are a lot of things I don’t say or write about for fear of being judged since a large chunck of my audience are friends of mine.

      That being said, it doesn bother me too much. All I’ve always wanted to do was to write and this blog has let me do that.

      Cheers to us and our blogs! 😀

      • I tried anonymity for a good year and then I realized what it was keeping me from. I also realized how confusing it was. When being featured in places that one should be very proud of and shouting from the mountain tops I found myself unable share it with my friends. Or publicly say “Hey, I really rock right now!” It became confusing when fellow blogger friends would post about me as Jamie Shehan. I do keep my kids names private. I don’t want the to be googlable until they are willingly putting themselves out there.

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    • Oh Breezy..lol I can pretty much guarantee that you will never live alone for another Valentine’s day in your life if you post a naked photo lol. You will always have stalkers to have lingering conversations with 😉 Who knows, in time you might be able to use this to your advantage and get them to cook you delicious, well-balanced meals and clean your house. Maybe the naked photo might be a good idea after all….hmmm.

  7. point 5 & 6 are my fav…you are so write..
    what i have learned from blogging is that world is full of interesting people with so many amazing things to talk about and share… everyday when i read a blog im amazed at how amazing blogging world is…
    i have started updating my blog too…but more than that i enjoy reading other blogs, experiences of people, their stories happy or sad…

    lovely post!!

  8. I have to completely agree with all of your points. Crazy! lol

    On another note, I also feel like I’ve learned from other bloggers not to take things too seriously and be more optimistic 🙂

    • That`s because my points are soo…agreeable lol. WordPress definitely has some chill bloggers who dont take themselves so seriously. When I first started blogging I had nightmares of every post turning into something that looks like the comment section of a Justin Beiber video…or any youtube video for that matter. People there just tend to troll and hijack 😉

      • hey in literary circles … only the good are copies so take heart … raise your own thinking about yourself … for others have … they
        copied you … didn’t they.

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  10. I have a lot to learn with this blogging slash writing craft. But this line best describes what keeps me going on tough lazy days.

    “Of course, I’d be lying if I said there were no low points of being completely uninspired and unmotivated. But even at those times, I always knew that I had a little niche that was all my own. ”

    Wonderful thoughts and post! 🙂

  11. Everything you’ve learned about blogging is right on, far as I’m concerned. Wish I could figure out the secret to Freshly Pressed. I started my first WordPress blog in 2007, and my second in 2009; never been Pressed!

    BTW, I know you’re an aspiring writer, and you’re definitely sticking with it. Have you checked out the new Ebook craze that’s turning the publishing industry upside down. You can write a book and publish it yourself for free on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, Apple Ibooks, the list goes on. Some people are actually making money at this. A whole new world for writers!

  12. I use to blog everyday for years (on Xanga and LiveJournal — you can tell this was awhile back lol) and then I stopped because people from real life were stalking me, using my blogs against me and making my life hell. But now I’ve decided to start again. And I have noticed that since I stopped, my writing has slowed down/went downhill. It’s interesting to see that blogging DOES improve your writing!

    Marie @ http://stuckinthislife.wordpress.com

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  14. And looky here: WordPress HEARD you. They love you, they really love you!

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. Quite an honor…

    And I will agree with many of your points. As a blogger for just under two years, I too have enjoyed the journey. Being able to find an audience who enjoys is just icing on the cake.

    I only take issue with your point # 7: Because I — I — have the best blog readers ever. And I’d thumb-wrestle you for that one, if I could…


  15. Yes, yes, blogging has made me a much better writer! And, indeed you write well. Plus, I can’t help but agree that WP is the BEST blogging platform around (Yes, yes, it’s been 14 months since I’ve been Freshly Pressed!)

    Great post!


  16. I see it only took a month for the editors to notice your subtle plea to get freshly pressed. Congratulations.

    I too begged to be freshly pressed, but I don’t think they appreciated the naked photo of me holding up a “Please Freshly Press Me” sign.

  17. Well obviously I must say congrats on tricking WordPress into Freshly Pressing you! Haha, just kidding, this was a great post. It also accomplishes the “catchy blog post title” rule of thumb.

    I’ve been Freshly Presses twice, still don’t know how I managed that, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the rush of attention, I enjoyed the aftermath more. Getting to know the bloggers and readers that subscribed during the height of my popularity and stuck around for what came after. That’s what’s fun! I’m subscribing by the way!

    • hahaha isn’t it awesome being Freshly Pressed?? I too am a two-timed Freshly Pressed blogger. The first time was when I first started blogging and didnt even know what Freshly Pressed meant. Like you said, dont know how I managed that. But two years later, I actually had to ask for it…and I still don’t know how I managed it. You’re absolutely right. The fun (and the anxiety to please) starts in the aftermath.

  18. I’ve learned that I’m never the best or worst writer out there. I have also learned how wonderful it is to have an editorial platform which is mine to edit. Sometimes what I have to say isn’t going to be able to made into an easily-digestible package, and the editors of periodicals have a trash bin full of e-mails like them.

  19. The most important thing said for me is keep writing, write often. Something I am told often but need to be reminded of…like when my mom has to tell me how to make lasagna several times a year. It’s always the same but it gets lost somewhere. Those slumps, windows in between are where doubts and insecurities seep in. “You are a good at this and even if you aren’t your still a writer, so go write!”

  20. I’ve been at this for about two months. I have to say I agree with everything… except possibly item 7, since I have the best blog readers (although I suppose its possible we have the SAME readers) 🙂

    Congrats on the FP. They took your hint.

    The only thing I would add that I have learned is to SAVE DRAFT often… in case you or somebody you love “accidentally” navigates away from your page.

  21. I love everything about this post. Every. single. thing. Actually, I think I’ve written this post, likely verbatim, in my head (then I guess I didn’t really ‘write’ it, huh?)

    This was very deserving of the Freshly Pressed recognition. Congratulations to you! I will be sharing your post on Facebook.

  22. I’m kind of new here so I’ve still those lessons to learn… But I’m looking forward to the adventure. 🙂
    The ‘better writer than speaker’ part is true for me too. Oh, and by the way, you got freshly pressed. So congrats to you 😀

  23. First, congrats on being freshly pressed! Second, I love this piece so much and I can relate totally. I think I have been blogging for about the same amount of time. When I first started, I was sure I was going to be very successful and write a book. Two years later, I have a few more followers (which I am so grateful for) and the book is not started yet. However, just the past few days I have been looking through my blog, cleaning it up and trying to find ways to entice readers to my page and what I noticed was that I really have come a long was as a writer. My skills have developed nicely and I have faith that they will continue to evolve. Sometimes when I re-read things I wrote, I think “Holy cow, I wrote that…. it’s so beautiful and eloquent.” However, I do not communicate well verbally. Sometimes I wish that I could walk around with a laptop all day just iming people what I need to say. That way it will be so clear, rather than the childish stuff I spew from my mouth no matter how hard I try to use my grown up words. I hear that is a common affliction among writers. Anyway, thanks for your post. I will use some of your tips and I hope one day I can be freshly pressed too. Have a great day.

    • hahahah I`m so with you on the whole book thing. I started my book so many times and stopped so many times. I also have noticed a marked diffrence in my writing since I first started. Continued writing really does make you a better writer. My tips werent all that profound, just observations I made along the way. But I`m glad you found them helpful. I know this response is a little late but thanks a lot for your comment and for stopping by. Here`s to many more years of blogging! 😀

  24. I’ve been blogging for more than three years, and Mrs Dim finally took it up last year. She’s got crazy views because one of her posts was about….Sushi! No kidding, every day at least twenty people find their way onto her blog, searching for Sushi online. She’s at nearly half my total views in a fraction of the time. Mind you, her blog is good reading once you get there, so I don’t think the Sushi searchers go away disappointed. And I’ve never been tempted to post a Sushi post of my own…well, hardly ever!
    Congrats on being pressed!

    • hahah sometimes the weirdest things gets thousands of views. I guess a lot of people out there love sushi. I should write a post about sushi. Maybe get FP again. Just think, you could be on Oprah for your sushi post. The possibilities are endlessly endless. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for commenting 😀

      • My pleasure. Yesterday I got my highest views in months, and i have no clue why.They weren’t even looking at my latest post (A Dr Seuss version of Star Wars.) There’s no pleasing some people….

  25. Wow! what a compelling post that even WordPress couldn’t turn down your wish#1 😀
    Absolutely agree with most of your points and I must say it was a brilliant sum up of the lessons we learn from blogging 😀
    Congratulations on completing two years of blogging and here’s to many more years and many more times to become the freshly pressed blogger!

  26. “To write well, you have to write what you know.” I think I do this better than anything, and kudos to you for putting it on your list. I’ve been at this since 2009, and although there are low points, I basically write for myself, to see how nice words look together in different combinations. I like it when people read along as well…

    Nice post! Glad WP can take a hint!

    • Thanks a lot Joe! Much I like I only started out this journey because I love writing and for the first time I had a platform to write for myself. I used to always stress about writing on things that people will want to read and there`s nothing wrong with that. The trick is to find that sweet spot where what you love writing about is what people love reading about.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.I`m also glad WP can take a hint hahah.

  27. I feel for you. Still, you should feel a bit honored. I’ve been writing blogs for years (the current WordPress one going since 2008). I guess I haven’t got much that anyone finds interesting because my average hits per day is less than the number of comments you’ve gotten on this entry. And I rarely get any kind of comments. So, that’s something to feel good about.

    • I am definitely am honored by this overwhelming response. This number of comments is really not normal so no worries. And before I got freshly prssed my average number of views was 150 on a good day and 20 on a bad day. So really, just keep doing what you`re doing 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Goodluck on your blogging adventure and don`t give up 🙂

  28. Now they have the feature that shows where people are checking out your blog from and it is has made me even more obsessed with my stats page! It is amazing when you see that people are finding your blog from Spain or Ecuador.

    I also think you just have to plug away at it. It really does take time. I had a long period of just getting 4 views a day. That was after days of no views. Now I wake up and see a much higher number, even after a day that shocks you with the volume of views.

    Overall, this has been a rewarding experience!

  29. Besides your describing me in every point you made… I love your post.

    “1. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. And I’m not just saying that because I’m dying to get Freshly Pressed. (HINT, WordPress. Hint)”

    And considering that fact that I discovered this though Freshly Pressed, Congrats! WordPress granted you wish.

  30. Blogging with a group of Empty Nest moms. Keeps us putting stuff up everyday. Taught us how to edit as we read each others work. Created new friendships and explored a topic, parenting kids once they are gone, that is of interest to all of us. Great for our little group on so many levels. LOVED your post.

  31. Great post! It’s so true that as you write more and more posts, you do get a little better every time. I started blogging last September and I really enjoyed it and every 1 hit on my stats page made me smile too – even if some of those hits were just my parents reading about my adventures 🙂

    Another lesson I’ve learnt from blogging is that you can learn a lot from your blog followers by reading their blog too. Like today, I learnt to make beef brisket from a fellow blogger and I have also been inspired to travel from reading about some of their trips.

    Happy blogging 🙂

  32. I wish I’d started a blog years ago; it’s been so much fun. I love the cameraderie with other bloggers and unleashing my creativity in what I write. And I get to see great writing from others like you ;-), pick up recipes for tasty treats, and view wonderful photos and movie clips.

  33. Dig the post! I totally agree with your statement about being a better writer than a speaker. And I love that through just the right combination of words (and a few parentheses) any writer’s voice can be funny!

  34. I came across your blog through Freshly Pressed & I really like your writing style!
    I’m adding myself to your long list of blog readers 🙂

  35. Points 4 and 9 are my favorite. I blog about my student loan debt, and I’ve found that my most popular posts are the ones in which I’m brutally honest about how much the ends don’t meet each month. I think that people are looking for honesty in blog posts, whether that’s a real life picture of hang-gliding, a toddle throwing a fit in a grocery store, or as you said- embarrassing yourself on a bus (btw, been there, done that). It doesn’t have to be a huge story, it just has to be real.

  36. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I’ve learned that I have not found my exact niche yet and writing only to make my blog a success and make tons of money will probably get me no where. Instead, I have started to write for me and making my creative juices better.

  37. Nice Work! Congrats on FP. I am glad to know that I at least have that typing thing going for me. I think one thing that I have learned from blogging for the past 4 months is that if you want people to share the love you need to be willing to spread some of your own. Also, I obviously have no idea when to use a-dash. See?

  38. My writing skills are far superior to verbal – I’ve always been quiet and reserved, and then I started a blog. People were asking “Who are you and what did you do to Erin?!” The writing process itself is beautiful, the support from readers, the opportunities that present themselves (free books from publishers, freelance writing, etc.). Yes, I “work” for free, but I absolutely love it and it is the best and most worthwhile decision I’ve ever made.

  39. I have been inspired by this blog post, I love everything that inclines much into realism than law, or what everybody thinks should be.
    I have not been blogging for a long time, but I now know that getting freshly pressed is the ultimate prize and a couple of other things.
    Thanks only to reading this blog 🙂

  40. #5: perfection. I’m linking to this post to share with my students (in writing and literature classes) who are ruthlessly, mercilessly forced to blog as a major portion of their grades. This is a brilliant list. Thanks.

  41. Oh how much I love this! You’re witty and dead on about this blogging thing. I just started about 2? months ago and it’s my newest obsession. For the first time ever I’m okay with not having a boyfriend lol. Because this takes up ehhhh 75% of my life. Keep writing please! Seems like you’ve got a lot to say. 😀

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  43. Wow, are you me? Haha! Definitely a better writer than speaker, this is quite evident in the job interviews I’ve had in the past year where I feel like I’m blubbering rather than speaking eloquently like I’d imagined in my brain. *shakes head*

    And WordPress is definitely the best blogging platform, hands down. I tried Blogger and some other ones, but they definitely have the best features and tools at your fingertips. And of course I want to be Freshly Pressed, but I’m not just saying this! 🙂

    Congrats on your Freshly Pressed! Loved your post 🙂

  44. I have been blogging for ten years! TEN YEARS! That is way too long… If I have learned anything during the ten years I have moved from LJ to Typepad to blogger and finally now to WordPress… is that I do not know anything… And I am not as interesting as I think I am.

  45. Well, it looks like #1 worked for you! Congratulations. I am glad you were picked for Freshly Pressed. Your blog put a smile of my face this afternoon. I am grateful that I was able to take part in being a reason for your “celebratory smile” with this view. It was well worth my time. Again congratulations!

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    • Ringfingertanline- Me too! It is a bit sad, but having been blogging for less than a month, it is still exciting when you see that people have actually read your work, and even more exciting when you see that they have found it through it appearing on search engines. I like your post karenslatte. I can totally relate to the bit about coming across better when writing that talking! Thanks for sharing.

  47. I’m the same way. I still see every hit as a nice compliment, and I always feel that I’m a better writer than speaker. Sometimes people read my content and they think I must be this snarky, opinionated person who’s always taking notes about my surroundings, waiting for a chance to be alone so I can write an essay about them. I constantly get the “Don’t write about this!” In reality, I write when I have a thought worth sharing. Ha.

    An excellent post. Very insightful. Keep at it! And congrats on being freshly pressed (JEALOUS!).

  48. Hey what a great post! I just started blogging and am already loving it! I am a horrible speaker, I mean I can talk a lot, but most of the time my words come out sounding more like a different language from an out of breath girl with no clue. mostly, writing has always been an outlet for me, its just that now you can post your thoughts, stories, etc online for the whole friggin world to see. I think its pretty cool… What is not cool is how people take credit for other’s writings, instead of taking inspiration from them. ❤ Thanks for sharing.

  49. Great post! I’m still a newbie blogger myself, but I can definitely relate to your points. Best part for me so far is having readers, period! I really didn’t expect much interaction with other bloggers when I started posting, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the kind words and feedback that I do receve after making a post.

    I also love discovering other fabulous blogs, such as this one! Now, where’s that follow button? 🙂

  50. Good blog – really enjoyed it and I’ll be back. This is my 1-year anniversary of blogging and definitely agree with you on #s 1, 2 and 6. WordPress is the best with its various plug-ins and all the customizable themes. On #6… sometimes I really think ‘well there’s nothing to talk about this week’ and get all stressed out and then you just start on something and it turns out better than you might have thought.

    Cheers and happy blogging! – Craig

  51. Loved this. Great top ten…my favorite being #1 and #4 … blogging from your prison cell HA! Awesome that they took the hint because you cracked me up. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  52. You’re right about fear for me. I write poetry that is meant to have some rhythm and sometimes I get so bogged down in shaving my poems down and having them sound right when read aloud that I won’t post for weeks!

  53. Loved this. I’m a newb and I love hearing juicy secrets to good blogging, so thanks for sharing! I appreciate the reminder to be patient and not to get down when you have 9 clicks on what you think is your bestest, most lovely and fascinating post ever. And oh, the enviable talent of writing a catchy headline…it’s an endless battle. Many congrats on being Pressed!!

  54. Great post and well-deservedly freshly pressed – wordpress finally heard you it seems! 🙂 Congrats on being freshly pressed and on a great blog – looking forward to reading more!

  55. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while and this year I finally cracked and got on with it. Over 200 followers seems like a pipe dream, haha! I need to improve my writing and give myself a vehicle for the crazy 🙂 Great post – definitely something to think about!

  56. I have learned that you don’t have to be profound or have earth shattering content for people to care: you just have to be honest. I both appreciate and struggle with being honest. It is a fine line, but I’m trying to walk it.

  57. I’d agree about being a better writer through blogging. I post to one of mine every day and surely the practise is helping.

    The point about the niche is important too – possibly the most important for those of us not lucky enough to be wildly famous. Too many people just want to ramble but unless you are a serioulsy funny or perceptive writer you better find a core audience and feed them.

    On the other hand, does it matter ? If you want to blog then blog. It’s not just people who are officially writers who are allowed to write in the same way people who haven’t been to art school can still paint if they want to. Maybe you won’t get a million readers or a book contract but if you enjoy it, does this matter ?

  58. This is a pretty neat list and congrats for being Freshly Pressed. It’s like the old saying goes- “the cream always rises to the top.” Your hard work and comittment to blogging has paid off!!!!

  59. A beautiful blog and something I can both relate to and agree with. Most of this blog describes the way I look at my own personal blogging experience. It is slow, but it is a way for me to express all that I can’t tell people, that I can’t express verbal. Happy to see you are this positive about blogging. Keep at it and the publisher houses will come sooner or later 😉

  60. As a new blogger (in our third month / 18 posts — whoo hoo!), your post was well-timed to validate many of our thoughts on the experience:

    – The process of publicly blogging short fiction versus writing for supposed eventual publication by someone, somewhere, is gratifying, and also encourages a higher quality of work (love that we can update posts indefinitely : ).

    – We appreciate that the initial effort has not been a wild success … I think, like Avis, we try harder as a result. But we’d take fame and fortune as validation of that added effort anytime now!

    – While 10 is a magic number — and may have contributed to you being “Freshly Pressed” if the blogger advice blogs are true : ) — it’d be great to learn what elso you’ve learnt from your experience (Nos. 11, 12, 13 …)

    Keep writing!

  61. That’s so funny– the “hint, hint” and you got it!

    I know just what you mean about literally everything else. Congrats on the freshly pressed– just 14 more times to go, right?!


  62. My best posts have come from social tragedies as well. I guess people like knowing there are real people on the other side of the computer… That it’s not always happiness, puppies, and rainbows.

  63. Numero 4 hit home for me. A lot of times I get the inspiration to write about something I’m interested in, but know nothing about. Right when I get to the point where I am ready to hit Publish (or think I am) I suddenly get hit with the fear that what I just said made no sense whatsoever and whoever is going to read it will either think I’m a total idiot or my mentally disturbed clone found my laptop. With that the realization comes that the hours spent writing that particular post could have been used to write something more interesting and from the heart, not from the mind. Great post.

  64. 11th thing i learnt as a wordpress blogger today: you can be freshly pressed even a month after you post. congrats! i’m sure you’ll be smiling a lot today.

  65. Oh, and my numbers jumped recently (and have stayed twice as high as they were before) after I blogged about a book that many, many learners of French use. I had no idea that keyword alone would make so much difference, especially as I’ve talked about it in a few posts before. It’s a mystery…

  66. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years too and I can relate to pretty much all of this! Especially about knowing your niche. Thanks for the giggles and congrats on being freshly pressed (why haven’t I thought of dropping a hint like that?) 🙂

  67. I agree fully with all 10, and I think #9 helped make your wish in #1 become a reality.

    I’ve been FP’d a few times, and can’t figure the magic of it (I thought it had something to do with monkeys and dart boards), but putting WordPress in the title is a great start. Congrats!

    Also, without #7, you probably wouldn’t have made it past the two year mark – they keep you going!

  68. Nice post and congrats! I’ve learnt that no matter what your blog is about there’s bound to be a reader/follower who connects with you. Blogging has also improved my typing skills and it has helped me make cool friends across the globe. Your opinion is what you can safely post in your blog without seeking a second opinion (so long as it isn’t rude). Getting FP’ed is the icing on the cake!

  69. I think blogging is fun, but these day that my view are reduce i feel rejected a bit. When i had article with 500 view or so i felt disy like vertigo.
    Also i write in french and i think in Québec where I live blogs are not so much popular like other places.

    • I am new to blogging but have a book that was published by a small niche pub. So, I am ass backwards as always in this. Catchy title? mmm. I am writing about having a mental illness, agoraphobia and healing. I have to think about that one. I don’t want to compromise integrity for a big audience or do I?

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  71. I love #4. I often feel like zebra jokes are all I know and any other sort of knowledge would be handier. However, this renews my faith that zebra jokes are all I need to know.

  72. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I’m with you on writer’s block = laziness… but I can’t really talk, I’ve been at blogging ‘seriously’ for just a month now…lets see how things pan out 2 months from now 🙂

  73. Nice post 🙂 I just created my blog about music yesterday and I found your tips helpful, thanks for posting this for us newbies to know. I especially like the “Rome wasn’t built in one day” thing because it made me realize that for my blog to get a bit more popular I’ll have to wait and persevere…


    p.s. Congrats, you made it to Freshly Pressed, 14 to go 😉

  74. This is a great extra shot in my positivity latte that blogging is the best thing ever! I’m only on day 73, but loving it so far!! Thanks for your insight and congrats on being FP!

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  76. I’ve been blogging “seriously” for about two weeks now, and I’ve found the experience to be more fulfilling and complex now that I am devoting a good amount of time in it. I have to agree that it’s great both for writing practice and for building a writing platform.

  77. Your points are all excellent, especially #1… even though I’ve never been Freshly Pressed! Sob! Sob!

    Far and away the best thing I’ve learned as a blogger is the joy of developing relationships with other bloggers around the world! I originally started my blog as a way to share my year in Japan with my family and friends and had no expectation that anyone else would read it, so this has come as such an unexpected bonus!

  78. Great blog and congrats on getting freshly pressed! The tips were great!
    I’m hoping to get that coveted title too someday…. Keep up the good work, your on your way to 15!

  79. Beautifully-writted blog and I don’t know why I got teary-eyed, it’s weird. HAHA! I have just started my own food and travel blog and I have learned that expressing myself the way I see the world during my travels means so much more than impressing random readers with my choice of words hoping to entice them a lil bit more 🙂 Cheers! I hope to read more of your entries ^^

  80. Awesome post! Although I’m not as diligent a blogger as some (okay, most), I was able to relate to a good chunk of your lessons learned. I often wish I had some sort of mental Microsoft Word that would allow me to cleverly arrange and tweak my thoughts before letting them venture out my mouth–and run a spell/grammar check too! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  81. I have ideas that manifest as tiny gremlins in my brain and I have to blog to get them out. But seriously…as someone who does public speaking on a weekly basis, writing helps me flesh out my ideas so that they flow better. it’s not only therapeutic, its also a practical strategy for my life.

  82. I love the part where you say writer’s block is laziness, I thought the same thing too! lol..and hey writer’s block is equivalent to….ALIBI TO NOT WRITE…mwahahah…love this post!

  83. First and foremost, Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I suppose your hint in lesson 1 worked in your favor. Second, I love this post. It is so true and it is funny too. Last, I look forward to reading more of your content. Thanks to WordPress for not only being (totally agree with you here) the best platform for bloggers but they have also led me and many others to your site today. Two ++ for them right there! Keep up the great work! Enjoy the ride and hopefully you’ll meet that 15 time FP blogger. When you do, please share him/her with your followers so we can jump on those coat tails too. 😉

  84. I’ve just started blogging, blindly. I figure I will learn as I go, and I’m doing it mostly just to force myself to think and then write. Thank you for this post; it is very encouraging, and I plan to read much more of your blog soon. -Cecilia

  85. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. I will definitely be thinking more about hooking my readers in the first paragraph–want to hone that skill.

    I think the one thing I have learned is to write as much as you can when you can. Write several posts, if possible, and schedule them to post on the next day(s). Then, if you happen to write a post on any of those dates, save it and set it to post on a free day (one that’s not been filled yet). This way you can cover the days when you have writer’s block or don’t have the time–you may also be able to increase the frequency with which you post new material.

  86. All of this is great advice, and I plan on joining the ranks of #7. I have been a blogger for less than a week, and it’s wonderful to have a place to put all of my random thoughts. I really appreciate points #3, #4, and #10, and #2 is spot-on. It’s always two weeks later that I finally come up with the good comeback. Just think, you’ve got one down, fourteen to go to be the 15 times Freshly Pressed. : )

  87. Thanks for the info. I am blogging because i am a pleaser. I please by creating great food for my family and blogging gives me the chance to please others by publishing my adventures at the stove. I am new at this and loving it.

  88. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I just started blogging myself because I burst with my opinions regularly and this is a wonderful device to put my opinions out there. I have found that I am an excellent writer!

  89. Yes, WP is the best platform.

    When I was seeking asylum from all the trolls on the local newspaper site I was blogging on a few years ago, I checked out all the major free blog site. WP impressed me the most. I then brought over at least 4 other bloggers from the newspaper.

  90. Looks like you are FreshlyPressed! This is how I found you!

    My blog is a newborn creation, a mere week old. Your post inspired me, teasing the details I am struggling to avoid whilst encouraging my mind that I can overcome and continue on.

    Good luck!

  91. I am barely 5 months into blogging and I am enjoying the rather public self-discovery I am doing. I am excited to see where this takes me.

    Based on your post and its success, I plan to publish a post with nothing but the words “PLEASE FRESHLY PRESS ME PLEASE FRESHLY PRESS ME” over and over and over. I’ve decided that’s the answer to all my problems.

  92. Great post! I have been blogging on here for about a year now I think? But I have had a non-public LiveJournal for ages; however I must say I adore the format here on WordPress so much – totally agree with you! Also on #5, the more you write the better you get, I’ve found that too. It really helps to practice as they say! I just started mine at the encouragement of my boyfriend to embrace doing something that I love (in my case, writing, and photography) and it’s been a brilliant experience ever since. Also congrats on being Freshly Pressed, you earned it 😉

  93. I have found me a voice in a world filled with voices.

    It is nice as a writer to have a place on the net where your voice can be heard even if it is just one response. It still is a voice you wouldn’t have heard by staring at your blank Word document waiting on the inspiration to come.

    Nice post.

  94. Great article, very useful for a newby blogger in babyshoes.. I want more, more, more! For instance on technical issues (how to paste two pics next to each other and not being able to insert only one in a line, or ‘what to avoid’, ‘how to do it’ tips, etc.. if you have time:) Thanks again and happy blogging!! 🙂

  95. Dang, girl. I’ve been blogging for four years and I still haven’t learned some of these things. I, like you, come across better on paper (er…in writing?). Sometimes I feel sorry for my real life friends.

  96. 11. Reading Freshly Pressed posts always stirs up equal parts admiration and blog envy! (“Why didn’t I think of that?…”)
    Good job! MoSop

  97. Funny to run into this just as I’m working on my first anniversary post… So much of what you say has been my experience too. I’m terrible at titles so being catchy mostly doesn’t happen. It’s been a lot more work than I expected — hours of blog surfing, commenting and also participating in some flash fiction blogs — to build a following, but I’ve “met” such lovely people and found such interesting blogs that it’s been a treat. And I’d have to get thousands of comments every day before I could imagine being tired of or failing to be excited by seeing that someone “liked” my post or made a nice comment… Maybe not even then. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  98. I guess your hit to the wordpress gods got through 😀
    I enjoyed this article. Like you, I started off writing a lot in high school and then stopped completely. I’ve only had my blog for about four months but I can see a marked improvement in my writing, and others have commented on it as well.
    And like you, there are a lot of topics I’ve wanted to write about but stopped for fear of offending my friends and family. I think I’m going to try and get over that little snag soon though. I’ve noticed, that’s the realm the really cool blog posts hang out in.

  99. I loved this post. I too have this secret desire to see my own blog on freshly pressed. So Congratulations! I especially liked number nine. I wish I was better at titles myself. I always struggle to write my titles more than anything else.

  100. Love this. I am struggling right now with finding out who I am and what I want to do with my life. There’s a saying that “…the only thing worst than others not understanding you is you not understanding yourself”. (raises hand). Blogging is something I’ve toyed with in the past but I feel that it can become so narcissistic at times that it completely jaded me. There are parts that I appreciate but others parts I just don’t get…like I feel like screaming “Get off the computer!” “Stop talking about yourself, others, what you like or don’t like!” “Go DO something”…etc. But, I’m a hypocrite I know.

    All the same I feel sometimes the only thing I can do is write. That’s all I’m capable of in life…and yet, making a living from it is near impossible. A struggle indeed.

  101. Blogging is definitively fun and gratifying. The connection and sharing and honing the craft of wordsmithing is making the venture an extremely gratifying one. Love the title of the blog–Portland rocks, and is a great place for people watching, for sure.
    Happy Pages!

  102. That is a spectacular list. However, I would just add one thing…


    In place of a shameless plug, I’d like to say, please read my words that I write on my blog, to form complete sentences, that eventually encapsulate an entire paragraph.


    PS, I love that you love coffee and mention it in this post. You might not be able to know it, but I extremely enjoy coffee and I think it tastes better when you add large amounts of creamer to it. It adds a bit of umphhhh to it. Love it!

    You keep blogging, I’ll keep reading.

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  104. I’ve learned that I find comfort in anonymity.

    My blog is really on partially anonymous – I’ve posted photos of my actual self and give very detailed information about my life and whereabouts.

    I don’t use the anonymity to be cruel, I really just think its an opportunity to represent my Super Id – the real me’s thoughts just amplified.

    The real benefit of anonymity that I’m referring to is the fact that i have a relatively small readership. I posted back in January about a minor Celebrity that I spotted on an aircarft (had to google his name, that’s how minor) and I had 3000 views the fist day – fan girls can be intense.

    However, even with the knowledge that these new viewers were 99% likely never to grace my blog with their presence again -I still felt this immense pressure to post more frequently and be more funny, intellectual and charming all at once.

    Thankfully, that feeling has passed.

  105. Welll one thing I learned, was I never dreamt I would want to write food, culture, etc. And make good use of a huge personal digital photo collections.

  106. i started my blog a few months ago and i’m really enjoying it.. makes me smile if i saw even just 1 Like to my post.. writing is gratifying, it’s a great form of self expression.. totally agree with #5 and #9.. and congrats for being FP.

  107. “8. … If however, your way of capturing attention is by posting a nude photo of yourself as the first paragraph then maybe blogging is not for you.”

    What if however, you post a nude picture of yourself with the catching opening hook of your post scrawled across your naked torso? Is there such a thing as Double Freshly Pressed?

    A fun, insightful post. Clearly I need to work on pithy titles.

  108. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!. As a new blogger, I have found it frustrating when I express myself and receive little response (although I truly appreciate those who have). Thanks for your wonderful suggestions and for sharing your blogging wisdom.

  109. Fantastic! And congrats on finally being FP’d!! Guess the hinting worked (noted for future use 😉 I look forward to checking out the rest of your blog and seeing you FP’d 14 more times.

  110. Great post – very true. I am relatively new to blogging, only started a month ago but so far I have learned, it really activates a part of your creativity, you may not have known you had.

  111. Nice post. Can’t believe I started blogging almost 3 years ago. I still have so much to learn. I’m more of a visual artist than a writer. I still havent figureded out who is my audience and how to cultivate a following. Suggestions are welcome.

  112. I just recently entered the blogging realm and I must say I agree with almost all of that so far (I guess I just have to blog for a couple more years to be able to consider myself a veteran blogger).


  113. Wow, I think blogging is hard for me but I still Iike doing it. I am editing constantly because I want to at least sound half-way intelligent.

    As much as I struggle with writing a post, I find that it’s all worth it when I see that “Like” appear at the bottom or even a “follow.” Biggest lesson, is that most blogs aren’t overnight successes and you have to keep at it. You might as well enjoy the process for the long-haul.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. I’ll get there some day!! 🙂

  114. Awesome post I love it I think you in a nutshell said a lot of things that are so true about so many of us bloggers! We wouldn’t be here if we were guest speakers, hell I hate speaking in public yet I do it for my job a lot I have found blogging and WOW what can I say I think you pretty much nailed it! Not only is blogging where I feel like I can be me and people get the most from me I think the people that we are blogging with are real the kind of poeple we want to be around I have never been in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people blogging and bloggers are amazing.

  115. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I just entered the blog world not even two months ago. Reading your list was very motivational and the warning about number eight has probably saved me a lot of grief.

  116. And yet here you are, Freshly Pressed. 😉 How does one make it that successfully, anyways?

    But, I agree wholeheartedly with #9. Sometimes my titles are a tad vulgar, but they catch people’s attention instantly. I have only been blogging for a few months, although I can’t really tell how successful it’s been because I’ve never blogged before in my life! Regardless, even though I would LOVE to have more people “notice” me and my stories, I’m mostly blogging about my experiences as a classroom teacher. In conjunction with that, I am also writing “what I know”, and you’re right… that is much easier to do 🙂

  117. Indeed you are a good writer! 🙂 Well deserving of being Freshly Pressed! #3 I can relate to and #8 made me laugh. I’m looking forward to more witty, well-written blog posts! 😉

  118. Loved the post. I just started my blog earlier this month. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. All of your readers with blogs will be better for it!

  119. Are there actually people who have been pressed 15 times? WOW.I was pressed for my now abandoned blog Keep or Pitch and it was a wild surge of excitement.
    Congratulations on being FP and I thought your post was fun.

  120. “…regardless of whether continued blogging makes you a good writer or a great writer, it sure will make you an expert typer.” – I definitely agree. Now I know that if I continue my own pace of blogging, I would be surely an expert typer. 🙂

  121. There’s something to be learnt from sharing your creativity with the world. That inner spring releasing the cogs within your mind, the train of thoughts splashing across the page…. I found your blog insightful.

  122. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now and I’ve learnt that if you miss the wave once, you might never get a second chance. My first blog had just gained some flattering popularity when I decided to abandon it for a fresh start on WordPress. After that, no matter how much I changed my blog, I never got my readers back. I switched styles, themes, topics and even languages but I only got to the conclusion that I am one of the most boring bloggers on earth 😀 . Well, at least I can use my blog as an emotional outlet.

    Congratulations on getting freshly pressed.

  123. Hi Karen!

    I love love LOVE your blog! ALL OF IT!!! It’s my new obsession!

    I’ve spent the last few hours here on your site. During that time, I’ve spontaneously laughed out. More than once (or twice or ten times), I’ve found myself thinking, “Man, this is like reading something that I wrote or said or thought or did. How awesome is this girl, telling it like it is, calling it as she sees it, checking realities left & right?” And I’ve come close to commenting on just about every one of your posts that I’ve read. My dilemma was in finding my favorite single post on which to laud your bad-assedness; instead, they were ALL my favorites! So, to avoid becoming the boring, monotonous stalker who adds a drab, one-word comment on every post I read/like, I decided to come back here, to the post that first introduced me to your awesome blog.

    I do hereby profess my all-encompassing adoration & absolute support for your rants, your observations, your epiphanies, your strong opinions, your sarcasm, your wit, & all the rest of your amazing, assorted brilliance.

    HUGE congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed! You totally deserve it, girl! Thanks for making my day (and many of my days to come)! You rock!


  124. Hi! Congratulations on making it to Freshly Pressed. (So the hinting thing does really work? Hmmm…)

    Great insight into the whole blogging experience. I’ll be picking up a tip or two from you. I’ve been blogging for about a year now. I am doing okay, nothing spectacular and no, I have never made it to Freshly Pressed. And I too think that WordPress is the best blogging platform. 🙂

  125. For me I run 2 tumblr blogs [On 2 different subjects] and I realized I needed someplace to do reviews. It’s become more of a place where I can do episode/series reviews, post art scans & photographs.

  126. Hello Karen! First of all, congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed. It’s a blogging milestong 🙂

    I think we are alike in so many ways, especially when you mentioned that you are a better writer than a speaker. I can very well relate. Sometimes, it’s better to express your thoughts in writing, where you are at peace and the only important thing that matters are your thoughts.

    Have a great day ahead! I’m following you now.

  127. Nicely said! Just started blogging here a month back, and like you said: if nothing else, I take great pleasure in settling myself to write first thing in the morning! But getting freshly Pressed can’t hurt!

  128. Congrats on freshly pressed, very useful tips!!! as i’m just beginning i must say number 10 is my favourite ( i def must learn a lot from u….lol)

  129. great post…from what I’ve heard hitting the *freshly pressed* is like a bloggers orgasm and as a virgin I’m waiting for my big day. I’ve been blogging *lol if you bother checking it out its quite comical* for 5 months, I’ve made 4 entries, I’ve had 2 views, 1 like and safe to say I am on the right path to a full time blogging career!

  130. I am DYING to be Freshly Pressed myself. But then I feel so self conscious as to whether my blog is good enough. I have, however, never stopped blogging and never will. Its my getaway and no one can take it away from me…Not even myself 😉
    I loved your post! Keep writing and inspiring! All the points are spot on. Someday I hope to see myself next to you and freshly pressed 🙂

  131. As a writer I can appreciate your words of wisdom. I too have been blogging for two years and have written an autobiographical anthology and a screenplay in the thriller genre. As of this morning I have had 11,160 hits on my primary blog: http://greeneyezwinkin2.wordpress.com/

    I mainly post old academic papers, experts of my book and updates on me. I am enjoying the communication and networking aspect and as you stated, “Every single view that shows up in my blog stats gets a celebratory smile of gratefulness and satisfaction even till today.”

    What I have learned from this blogging whole experience is that I found a niche without really trying who have similar interests as I do. Build it and they will come! That I am the eternal student…but I am not alone. 🙂

  132. hey

    This piece is awesome, specially for starters like me, I have been blogging for more than five years now but never took it seriously. But this time I intend to. And your piece helped! 😀

  133. Reblogged this on Mialem Ci Ja Bloga and commented:
    Lasia pisze w sumie ciekawie o tym czego nauczyla sie z blogowania. Moze i ja bede sie chcial do tego kiedys odniesc. No i przy okazji sprawdzam sobie ta opcje “Reblog”. Wiec zobaczmy jak to bedzie wygladalo.

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  135. you have stolen my idea!!! i was going to post something along the exact same lines as you did once i was done with my exams! well, i guess great minds think alike..actually, scratch that, great bloggers think alike, eh? 😉 i loved loved LOVED your post!
    “If you can capture your reader’s attention in the first paragraph, then it can be said with a significant amount of certainty that you’ve got them hooked for the rest of it. If however, your way of capturing attention is by posting a nude photo of yourself as the first paragraph then maybe blogging is not for you.”
    this had me in splits!!!! and what you said is sooooo true!!! if i would write the way i speak, i would have probably had only 3 views (or maybe less) till now 😛
    congrats on being freshly pressed!!!
    ps. i want to get fp’ed too 😛
    ike i said, great bloggers, think alike 😉

  136. This is toooooo excellent! (You’ll be pleased to know that I don’t spell like that on my blog. OK, maybe sometimes… but not too regularly) 🙂 Thanks for this!

  137. The day to day posting is the hardest part to keep up!

    It’s nice when someone comes in and makes a comment or even just “likes”, everyone on Facebook want’s a dislike but I wonder if WordPress bloggers would like a “dislike” button..I think not. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  138. Thanks for the inspiring post! (I found you via FP, by the way!)

    I just started blogging 3 weeks ago, I used to write little things, poems, etc, before, but not on quite daily base. Now I just post (I wouldn’t really call it writing) about the things I love, because I just couldn’t find a blog combining what I love most (sewing, fashion, crafting, nerd stuff etc). In reading blogs I am way more experienced than writing one!

    Hope there are people out there like me, but it sounds as though there are!

    Cheers from Germany!

  139. Do I have to write it down as you already know that you are my role model in the field of blogging.. I am a newbie here and write very often. I would love write everyday but get confused what to write and what not to write. I am learning… It’s my pleasure to follow you on wordpress.

  140. Thanks for this.
    I am new to blogging and sometimes it is so daunting when looking at established blogs.
    At the moment I am focusing more on just getting the ball rolling and getting myself writing about anything and everything.

    I figure after a while I’ll find a subject and a reason – but for now i’ll just be jabbering on and not worrying about people not reading any of it (ok maybe a little worried) (who am I kidding, Someone please read it!) :p

  141. I can totally relate! lmao. Been blogging for 7 years now, and managing blogspot, tumblr, wordpress (God, if they gave me every penny for what I wrote I’d be rich now), but still, I’m no blogger famous. But blogging is not really something I did to become known, I find it the best way to get my thoughts across. Especially when I have a poor penmanship and carrying a daily journal just won’t do the work.

  142. Loved the post but I’m the exact opposite. a much better speaker than writer. I’m blogging to improve that and this post gives me hope. Is there any way you can increase your blogs likelihood of being freshly pressed?

  143. I just joined wordpress and have around 5 posts on my blog. Your post was the most interesting I’ve read so far! Thanks for the spark of inspiration to write! 🙂 I am a follower now!

  144. Great post!
    Better writer than speaker. That’s totally me.
    I’ve been blogging since December 2004 and haven’t been freshly pressed once. Doesn’t matter. I still love writing, and I love reading blogs such as this.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  145. Hello!

    I just started a new journey here on WordPress, trying to set up a decent blog.
    This blog entry should become a motor for me
    to keep going! Thank you for a nice mood maker. 🙂
    Will check out your Blog later.


  146. Great blog Karen. I started my blog in January and I have to say that having the energy, will-power and desire to keep it going has been one of my greatest challenges yet, especially on those days when I have less than 10 people to read the latest post :-(.
    THIS is a great post. Nice work. AND, congrats on being Pressed as well.

  147. Thanks for the advice! I’m a WordPress baby at the moment so I’m grateful for your words of wisdom. Totally with you on that second point especially. When I blog I actually have a brain to mouth filter. (Well, brain to keyboard.)

  148. This blog was wonderful! I too am better at writing than speaking…I can express my emotions more freely on the page than through words. Been FP’d once and am still high from it. Congratulations to YOU!

  149. Good Morning! Well, I’m up SUPER DUPER early and your blog was the first refreshing one that I clicked on…Literally;) I loved the title and decided to go with it..lol…Great post!

  150. you’re words are spot on. thanks for putting it into words. Indeed you are now a great writer. Yes I agree with you that wordpress really rocked! hehe and definitely blogging is a slow but sweet journey, fame and success is just consolation prices. It’s the joy and satisfaction of doing something that makes blogging a great activity.
    Once again, thank you,

  151. Loved this!

    Particularly since I type exactly the same way as I speak… so my mates actually HEAR my voice when they read my posts! LOL 🙂
    AND I too am forever grateful (as I do my happy-clappy-hip-wriggling-head-shaking waddle around my desk dance) when I see that someone actually read what a I wrote!!

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  152. This is an excellent post and congrats! I’ve just passed my one year anniversary for blogging 5 days ago and what I’ve learned is that it’s ok to get nervous the more followers I get. I realize the things I blog about are what I like and want to share, not to get more followers. Sometimes I’ll get followers when I write about food. Other times I get followers when I write about travel or life in general. I’ve learned it’s good to stay true to myself and what write about what I love instead of trying to please everyone with my topics. Thanks for a wonderful post!

  153. Very well put! As someone who has been in this blogging world for 6 mos this Friday I can totally relate as a newbie. And, one thing that struck a chord with me was your comment about every view, every time someone has clicked and seen your blog/post putting a smile on your face. That is EXACTLY what I was saying to a friend yesterday.

    It takes time, that’s for sure, but when I started out and there were only 7 people who viewed, I would ask myself:
    Wow who the heck are these people. And, why are they reading me?

    Now as I’m happy to have triple digit views (albeit barely triple digits), I ask myself:
    Wow, who the heck are these people. And, why are they reading me?

    Hopefully, we can put a smile on their face as their “view” did on ours.


  154. Pingback: Qui appariranno i post più recenti « Café delle Scienze

  155. Ah, the catchy titles. I should hire someone to give catchy titles to my posts, it’s something way beyond my capabilities. Thank God I am not looking for fame, and I have my niche anyway.

  156. Re: #8 – you had me at Starbucks. I am brand spanking new to blogging and am questioning my motive, since I am neither creative or witty. So, my question to you is, do you blog for us or for yourself?

  157. Wooh! You seriously do write Good!
    From the number of comments and all you have got u seem to be a good blogger!(:
    Btw the Heading of the Blog is A Catchy one!:P
    I would love to talk with you in person..:)

  158. Well played Karen! Your ten items are like little pigs-in-a-blanket. You’ve got hearty hotdogs of inspiration wrapped in a flaky crust of humor. I’m glad someone recognized the genius and ‘freshly pressed’ you…I mean, your blog.

  159. Loved Number 5! Hahaha! I get really excited when I find myself typing REALLY fast!! I have gotten a bit better at writing, though, since I got the idea of blogging.
    To me this whole thing has just forced me to think about writing every waking moment, and that’s been a real game-changer for me. I’m finally starting to believe myself when I say I’m a writer!

    Great post! Congrats!

  160. I’m obsessed with site stats and refresh the page more than anyone I know will ever know or understand. I need an “all-time” view stat on this blog. Give it to me…I can handle it.

    • OMG i made the mistake of clicking “Notify me of follow-up comments” I answered my own question – your stats are going crazy. My inbox is full from responses. Your inbox must have blacked out!! I LOVE IT!!!

  161. I have yet to be freshly pressed…what a wonderful day that would be – if it happens- but what I notice is that the less time you spend on a blog the better reader reception you receive.

    Those blogs I stressed over, trying to formulate the right syntax, and correct sounding words…seem to be less noticed or cared about. BUT they remain the ones I love best.

  162. My comment didn’t work…let’s recap.

    I would love to be on freshly pressed – I will be ecstatic that day that happens – BUT to answer your question I now realize the faster I write a blog the better reader reception I receive.

    That’s right…when I stress over the syntax, and the proper word choice to describe an experience…those blogs are less appreciated…I still love them though.

  163. Good list! WP is the best blogging platform. 😀 I haven’t read through all the comments, but here are my two things: Get out and visit other blogs (hi, nice to meet you!) so that maybe you can get visits and comments in return, which leads to my second thing. Post regularly. (I need to work on that.) You’ll keep generating interest that way.

    Now, I’m going to wander around your blog a bit more 🙂

  164. You got your wish! I found you on FP. Great post and helpful for a newbie blogger like me. Hope you continue to enjoy blogging success.

  165. I enjoyed reading your blog posting.

    I have four blogs on Google. Two of them I try to post daily. The other two are for genealogy and I post there as the mood strikes me. I use NetworkedBlogs to automatically feed one of my blogs to my Facebook wall. The Google blog sidebar links all of the blogs and my Delicious social bookmarking account.

    One thing I have learned about blogging is, people seldom make comments. However, I can tell people look at what I post by paying attention to the visit counts.

    Recently I bought a used book about WordPress. One of my friends blogs on WordPress. Because I wanted to learn how WordPress works I decided to create another blog with WordPress. I’m using this new blog to record some of my “private” thoughts. So far I’m very impressed with how much flexibility WordPress offers.

  166. I’ve learned that no matter how many comments I get or how many “likes” or how many views on my stat list, I still want more more more. 😉 Thus, I keep writing because it’s who I am!! Love your top 10. Congrats on Freshly Pressed. I can dream!

  167. I agree with almost all the points .. Especially 1 and 5 . WordPress is really the best .. I think I’m becoming better writer than what I was when I started off with the blog . There are so many awesome writers in WordPress who are my Virtual Inspiration 🙂 Great Post ! Great blog 🙂

    Congrats on freshly pressed 🙂

  168. so I won’t lie – Your picture of the elusive Siren is what grabbed my attention – *I work for the wonderful company that is Starbucks* and I am pretty new to this whole blogging thing. I am sticking to what I know – and as much as I would love to weave beautiful stories of love and romance *which I am a sucker for* I just can’t. So I stick to the things I know most about, which are family and kids, and perhaps one day I’ll write about managing people, which I seem to do somewhat well on certain days 🙂 – I definitely look forward to reading more of your stuff and YAY for “Freshly Pressing” your blog!

  169. I have to say that i think the same, I´m from México and here blogs are not so well spread as in other parts of the world so there are really few bloggers here no to mention people who read them. Keep the good work! =)


  170. Some very good words of advice. I’m coming up on one year. It has been an extraordinary journey and such a source of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. I hope, with every post, that my readers are gleaning as much from what they find as I am from writing it down. It has been a slower journey than I imagined, but, as you say, it has been one filled with growth and I know I am a better writer now than when I started. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more.

  171. As for point 2:
    That basically goes for everyone, because writing is speaking, but you get to think about it for as long as you damn well please. Plus, you don’t have to respond to responses if you don’t want to, if you get any in the first place, that is.

    As for point 4:
    I find myself writing better when I write what I don’t know about. Or maybe that’s just because I know a lot more subconciously than I think I do.

    Great read!

  172. My first thought is: “I wonder how many of “us” are writing here to each other via this medium while actually sitting a table away from each other…” I’m still wondering about this but must let it go for now so I can make other comments and observations about your post and great success which I wouldn’t notice of recognize if it were emblazoned on the side of the bus that I suddenly realize is about to run me over….especially given the reality that, as far as I know, only one person is “privy” to my blog which is 5 years old and miles long…I can write from my RV now, as I am now, cause I just got one of those “hot spot” thingies…I love it cause now I can do further research around the idea that my best or weirdest writing comes before I have reached full day time wakefulness…but then the “laziness” and “unmotivated” variables inevitably come into play along with gereralized “existential despair” which can also pass as “writer’s block”….yet, I am writing now, here and I’m “in love” with someone…hopeless as that may seem in terms of earth plane gratifications…you know? But I’m feeling more and more that I must not allow me to cease in my efforts to reach out to my dear friends here on WordPress….without you I would have no hope at all…so I say “thank you”…for posting and giving me such pithy musings to contemplate in the spaces where despair would otherwise be lobbying for my attention…and by the way…CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a great writer and just think…I’m talking to you now, here…aren’t I? If you see my writing somewhere….could be anywhere now….would you say hello to me or would you just write about the sighting? Please choose “hello” and I’ll try too…maybe we can accomplish it without the utter annihilation we all seem to fear….

  173. Hi, Karen! I didn’t read all comments, but I’m sure that someone has already said that “this is the best post I’ve ever read!” and I agree!
    Well, I’m new in WordPress and I have two blogs – http://www.comoserumbommarido.wordpress.com (unfortunately it’s only in Portuguese and the title can be translated as “How To Be a Good Husband”), where I write about behavior and relationship. It also have some tips and funny pictures of my adventures with my, as I call him, Prince Charming.
    The first idea was to write a book whit this title, but I’ve experimented to post it as a blog, just to feel the repercussion and the average of views. It’s being nice to me! I’m always spreading my posts in Facebook, Twitter or by email. I don’t have lots of comments in my blog, because the readers prefer to do it by email, twitter, facebook, etc…
    And I’ve created another blog – http://www.elaineoliveirarte.wordpress.com (this is also in Portuguese), where I write about my artistic career, posting updates and info about me as an actress, a singer, a presenter, a dancer and a writer. This is a kind of portfolio.
    Your post helped me to feel less frustrated about the views and it gave me some ideas!
    Thanx a lot and I’m sorry for my English. I’m from Brazil and this year I hope to do an interchange in Vancouver – CA to improve the language!


  174. Wow 333 comments is that right? I feel a little bad as you said you would reply to all the comments and by the 334th I bet you will by exhausted and just a tired wave will be all that you will be able to muster. Great Post and Congratualtions on being Fressly Pressed! What have I learned from bloggin actually beyond the obvious I would say personally layers of things like learning to be more direct, appreciate my in person friends more, be more willing to share more about myself little by slow and learning about other people places and things which is amazing and fun. OK now go rest kick your feet up and enjoy your freshly pressed glow!

    • hahahah I feel like I dug myself a hole with that one. I never expected so many responses. I`ve gotten Freshly Pressed before and that post just got 64 responses. I thought this would be a walk in the park lol. I agree with everything you said. And you can only learn little details like that after you have invested in that time into evolving as a blogger.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I know this response is a little late but as you can see, I`m up against a monster here lol. A fun awesome wonderful monster at that! 😀

      • I’m impressed your actually did it my 333erd comment and you made it back with a comment to me! Good Job! You must be exahsted :+) I’m not sure what the grand total of comments I only remember mine # 333. Have a Great Day and Thanks for getting back to me.

  175. thank you for writing this. i’ve been blogging for almost two years but new to the branch out. thrilled with the few who have begun following and reading in the past 3 weeks since I finally took the time to read up on the how-to’s of reaching out.

    nice writing!

  176. I couldn’t be more pleased that you were ‘freshly pressed’ it made it possible for me to find your blog and now I have a new favorite blog and some amazing advice on the blog I am working on starting in the next couple weeks. I love your stories, the way you write about everyday life, you are inspiring. Please keep up the blogging!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you Cori! I have finally begun this daunting task of responding to everyone as promised so sorry this response is coming a little later. I also just recognised you as the awesome lady from portland who I had that delightful conversation with about hispters and hobos. Glad I know your name now. Thank you for all the sweet things you said 🙂 I love getting awesome comments like these. Thanks so much for stopping by and I`m really glad you found my blog too lol

  177. Great list and I couldn’t agree more! I get excited every time someone views, likes, comments or follows my blog. I spend a lot of my time returning that favor and joy by giving back to others.

  178. CONGRATULATIONS! I have been an avid fan of your blog!
    “Every single view that shows up in my blog stats gets a celebratory smile of gratefulness and satisfaction even till today.” – I feel the same too! Cheers to your blog and more power! ♥

  179. As a fairly new blogger, your post is encouraging and insightful. Thanks for enlightening and entertaining all of us. I started my blog this past summer. In my short time blogging, I have learned two major things. First thing, is that the post I least expected to be successful, and which is most personal, actually became the most successful. I had one post I wrote on Oct. 1st about why teachers should join twitter and what I have learned as a twitter newbie. I have new posts automatically set up to be Tweeted to my Twitter account. I was shocked to see within minutes, this post was circulating all over the place. Crazy! I still am baffled. It’s cool nonetheless. I have not made freshly pressed yet. My husband also created a new blog several months after I did. Fairly soon after he started his blog, he got freshly pressed. He has a GIS mapping blog. Floods of views and followers poured into his blog which was really insightful and cool. I think he has a unique blog that many people do not have. Posts I have written, which I think are good, but obviously stink, get little hits or feedback…so apparently they suck. Oh well. I have learned that blogging has the ups and downs. Also, I began teaching ESL to college students and developing an ESL course for a major university just after I started blogging. Blogging has opened huge job opportunities for me…dream jobs…jobs I thought would take me years to land. Thanks you WordPress.com and blogging for that! : ) I now teach advanced writing classes and am developing a course focused on academic writing. My short period of blogging has definitely made me a better writer. Interesting enough, as I teach my advanced writing ESL courses I’m reminded of writing styles. I then practice these styles on my blog. The combination of these two things has helped my writing. I know I will continue to grow and learn to write better. My blogging has helped me become a better writing teacher to my students. I can relate to you in that way. Thanks again for the delightful post!

  180. Congrats on hitting the big time. Fresh Pressed is sweet. Do you think there is any correlation between this getting picked up by FP and you mentioning it multiple times in your post?

    Either way, AWESOME!

  181. Most people that have read my blog tell me they can imagine me saying everything in it and my tone of voice; i write as a speak. What an else are situations of social akwardness and ridiculous clumsiness for if not to amuse others? Well done on being Freshly Pressed 🙂

  182. Really liked your post. I’m just starting out myself with barely a clue how this all works lol But at the end of the day, I just wanna share my thoughts and hopefully help someone in the process.

    Thanks and best wishes!

  183. Awww how sweet. I completely relate to you top 10’s. This May I will also be completing a 2 year blog anniversary and have been thinking an innovative subject for the long journey.
    Congrats for being fressly pressed.

  184. I love how positive you kept all the things you have learned. It gives me the motivation to continue posting on my rather unvisited blog. I’m still new, just 2 months o WordPress, but I am going to take your words as advice to keep doing what I love, writing! Thank you.


  185. as a new blogger i absolutely loved this post and love that u got fresh pressed after whole heartedly begging wordpress to do it!! well done u..well done wordpress!! happy blogging

  186. I’m a new blogger and really liked your advice. I also teach high school writing and I teach my students some of the same things you mention! Good to know I’m on the right track. I, too, have dreams of writing and becoming famous and leaving this popsicle stand behind

  187. Thank you so much! I am new at this and love all or the advice you gave. This kind of help is what all new bloggers need. Reading the tutorials is very helpful but this is awesome!!!!!

  188. Thanks Karen. being a new blogger (just about 2 weeks now) I am encouraged by your words. I’ve never considered myself a “writer” but just someone with something to say.

  189. I learned that in order to drive traffic towards one’s own blog, firstly spend hours upon hours haunting the pages of other fellow WordPress writers. Here leave various lack-lustre replies to their ill-researched topics on defective cats or dreary niche fashion – all of which adds nothing to the history of ideas.

    Whoops, at it again – is there no hope for me!!!!

  190. I totally dropped the WP bomb all the F over my last post…and still no Freshy for me.
    But you keep up the good work!

  191. Congrats on being freshly pressed! I absolutely loved reading your post. My best friend and I just started the journey in blogging together a month ago and we are having so much fun with it. Every new like, follower or comment we get has us texting each other “Woo Hoo’s” in celebration! I am happy to hear it is still just as exciting 2 years later as it is for us “newbie’s”! Another great part, that I wasn’t expecting when we started, is how much fun it is to be a part of the blogger community. I love reading what other bloggers have to say, striking up conversations through commenting and developing relationships with other bloggers. I am learning so much!

  192. I am horrible with titles. I write such a niche market — to women making clutches to earn a side income. I forget how uninteresting my titles sound so THANK YOU for that awesome hint. I will work on it! Best of luck to you!!!!

  193. I have been blogging for years but am new to wordpress. Randomly came across this post and its def what i needed to read esp #10 so thx and congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  194. I enjoyed reading your post! I started my blog last fall and it’s good to know that my happy obsession with stats is fairly normal afterall. It is exciting to see spikes in the number of daily views.

    I am going to check out other posts in your blog! 🙂

  195. I’m a newer Blogger myself and I have to agree with everything you said. It takes a certain amount of patience to be a blogger as i’ve come to find as well. It’s funny when you ask how you receive sometimes, considering I found this post by clicking “Freshly Pressed” and I have to say the title did catch my eye, that and your profile and name. Very Cool and Congrats on your “Freshly Pressed Article”

  196. The best thing about blogging is that you get to force yourself to live a good life. You refuse to live a boring life each day. It’s better to share great memories than personal rants that no one will care so much about. Am I right? (^_^)

  197. Very good post and there is really good advice in there. Thanks for posting.
    I will definitely use your advice. The one thing that I learnt from other bloggers is that when creating a blog, First you should focus more on writing a good blog, so creating a good content rather than focus on spreading it over. When you have a good blog it will spread itself more easily.

  198. Congratulations on freshly pressed! You got there!
    I just started out with my own blog, and this is inspiring. Already I’m feeling the “writer’s block” that you mention in number 6. And I definitely think it’s fear/stress related!

  199. Hey Karen. Congratulations for getting freshly pressed. Your post was indeed refreshing and didn’t contain the normal list of things I would have expected to find in a “what I learnt from blogging” type post. Keep it up. God bless. Darryl.

  200. I have been blogging for almost two years now, and it always brings me joy to see the blog stats increase over time. However, unlike you, I’m not as popular and not as amazing, but I’d like to think that I’m working on it. And I’m glad that I found your post because it gave me a couple of great tips on my journey in becoming a better blogger, if not a better writer, so thanks!

    Because I am such a terrible blogger when it comes to giving titles to my posts (maybe because it’s the last thing I do when I write), I think I’ll have to start improving my skills on this in order to increase my stats more. Now, this is some real challenge for me. Wish me luck!

    And oh, by the way, congrats on making it to Freshly Pressed! That hinting shiz totally worked! Awesome! 🙂

  201. Reblogged this on Kimpasibol's Blog and commented:
    I envy you. I’ve been wanting to write a blog since the blog thing started but ,alas, i cannot find a single topic that i feel i could write about. Maybe its fear. The fear of being critized and rejected. I hope oneday i could find my niche and be able able to write something that would be worth being “freshly pressed”. 😉

  202. Woot! I just clicked “like” for two reasons: one, I liked what you had to say. Two, I couldn’t resist being your 1000th like-er! So cool to be pressed and even more cool that you’ve stuck with this for 2 years and lived to write a post about it 🙂
    And your point about the Titles– So true. Titles always make me trip.

  203. actually i am just trying for blogging…. started some month and just have written some… your words just inspired me… thank you..

  204. I hope I can make it to two years. All my previous blogs have lasted about a month >.< This one I am determined to keep up though! One day I hope I'll be able to write something like this as an old, wise blogger ;3

  205. Great post and I agree with your list!

    I’ve learned that despite any silly pressure to keep up with the Joneses or adhere to any sort of time table, writing a blog is truly the most satisfying when I do at at my own pace. When I’m inspired, I write. When I’m not, I take a break. Currently I am on hiatus and savoring all of the the wonderful ideas that are stacking up inside my head.

    Writing is an art, and despite varying degrees of ability, I applaud everyone who gives it a try. Certainly practice makes perfect, but it’s more about the journey.

    Good luck in your blogging endeavors!

    – Michael

  206. I’ve been thinking twice about writing a blog until I read yours. You inspired me and I’ll start writing my very first article soon. Keep on writing!

  207. Great list… great post! THAT’S why you made it to Freshly Pressed. Not because of your hint. You write beautifully. And that inspires me to continue with my blog in the best way I know how. So thank you…and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  208. I have assisted many in writing applications for jobs here in my country.I have written proposals that have caught the eyes of the Donners by simply relying on the writing experience I have gathered since I started blogging but I have not caught the eyes of those who choose posts for pressing-does it mean that I write poorly on the word press or something else? You made a day for me when I READ your write up.Thank you.

  209. I could not help but to smile while reading this 🙂 I started bloging for my communications class (it was for a grade)…And I actually started to find it very relaxing! It seems like its worked for you so far and I am glad you found your niche! Keep writing and I’lll keep reading~

  210. Great post! I’ve been blogging now for a little over three months and have managed to get a pretty good following. It is building my platform for my published work and helps me slay the dragon of mediocrity.

  211. So it worked ha .. you freshly pressed, congratulations.

    Very helpful tips I well try to put them in mind. not having viewers neither commenters is really frustrating to be honest, and what you said actually might help.

  212. Okay, wow, this was AWESOME! I’ve joined wordpress only about a week ago, and I also have a tumblr blog, which did gain whatever little popularity it has within a week, so yes, I was getting pretty disheartened to open my email and realize I had absolutely no followers since one bloody week! But after reading your post, it’s like this stupid ray of slight hope shining in inside me. And all thanks to you, I won’t give up on this wordpress blog! 🙂

  213. As a relatively new blogger, I really loved this post! I particularly appreciate #5 – I was surprised to find how much the discipline of regular blogging had helped my writing overall (which was really a huge “duh” moment for me when you think about it!) Thanks for posting, and congrats on getting Pressed!


  214. I love your blog! I know you have a ton of comments to respond to, but I was curious what the deal is with getting freshly pressed? I’ve seen the term, but not sure what it means or how it happens!

    I just started my new blog over a month ago, getting a lot of traffic so far but definitely nothing like you have!


  215. I’ve only been blogging for a couple months so I’m still working my way around. But I know what you mean as far as the celebratory smile at every view and click. I figure I’m doing well if one of my posts gets 50-60 views. I like having an outlet for my thoughts, and I like even better that people read my posts and seem to enjoy them, even if most of them are on two of the most boring (to most people) subjects ever (religion and history).

    Thanks for an excellent post, it definitely deserved to be freshly pressed!

  216. Really good and encouraging blog. I keep telling myself it’s the journey, not the destination. I wrote about my writing struggles on my WordPress blog. Keep it up. You are an encouragement!

  217. I’ve been going strong for 2 days now. Not sure how, or if I’ll ever get to the stage where I’m freshly pressed and get over 1 000 likes, but it’s good to know that I shouldn’t be disheartened by my lack of traffic for my first post. I might get there one day.

  218. I have learned that wordpress is like crack..I am hooked. A few months ago, I hadn’t even considered blogging. now, I can’t get thru the day with out it. congratulations on being FP.

  219. I won’t say i’m a terrible speaker,but i write a whole lot better than i speak. By the way,congrats on being freshly pressed by Word press!! I’l get there someday too 😀

  220. Blogging is quite addictive. I started with a personal blog a few years back and now I’ve got two professional blogs that I do. I can easily sit for hours and just write blog posts which doesn’t do so much for getting my work done, but as intuitiveone said, WordPress is like CRACK. You get addicted and you just can’t stop.

  221. Here here to number 6!

    One thing I have learnt is that if you can’t think of anything to write, a quick post about how awkward your life is usually gets a few laughs. And it still surprises me which posts people actually read, it’s never the ones which I sweat and cry over.

  222. What a great post…. you do have a great style of writing. So often when I’m checking out other people’s blogs I get bored with reading it half way through – but your writing is engaging leaving the reader wanting more. Keep it up!

    • That is probably the BEST compliment anyone could give a blogger. The one things that gives me blogging anxiety is whether or not people will actually read what I write or just skim through through it bored out of their mind. Thank you for that piece of encouragement. I hope to always engage 🙂

  223. Congrats on being “Fresh Pressed”. From my understanding, that’s equal to being “Explored” on flickr. I’m gradually getting my wind back with WordPress after over a year of Tumblin’ with Tumblr. And even though Tumblr’s a good blog, I’m more comfortable here. You have more control (as well as your sanity) with WP.

    You’d think with all the blogs being written, some books woulda been published by now.

    • Thank you! I suppose it might be the same thing like being “exploded”. I know what happened to me after I got FPed was a bit of an explosion lol.

      The truth is books are a whole new ball game. I was thinking of book writing too. And a chapter into it I realised that being a good blogger doesnt mean you will be a good author too. Or maybe I’m just daunted by the task.

      • I’ve tried to write a novel, but distractions just kept gettin’ in my dang way, so the best that I can do is just write a little at a time…

        I may just blog it until it becomes book-worthy. Like you, I’m daunted at the task.

  224. Thanks for that message I need to read that! This is my first blogging experience since I went and moved off to Spain and wanted a way to keep my friends up to speed. I love to see when people have read my posts, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit down, and like I’m just writing to myself. I also feel like I’ve run out of interesting things to say,….when in fact I’ve said a load of actually uninteresting things but in quirky funny ways to make people read and enjoy it. I’m LAZY. lol….thats what it is, and I needed to hear that. I think I’ll go work on my quirky now… : )

  225. I’m (relatively) new to blogging and WordPress, but I love your writing style and how you inject humour into everything. You write the way that I think I sound in my head when I talk about various topics (sometimes I’m like that in real life, but it is rare and generally, no one is around except for my mom :s). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your blog really makes me smile! Thanks! 😀

  226. Thank you for sharing your lessons! With regard to # 2, I think that’s probably true for many, if not most, writers. And # 9 ~ it makes sense… and, in the short time I’ve been seriously blogging, coming up with a good title has been almost more difficult than writing the post itself!

  227. I loved reading this post a few weeks ago so much I shared it with my FB blogging group. We’re mostly new so it’s great to read other bloggers who have great talent. Keep up the great work! I’ll be following you in the future so we can read more great things!

    • Its truly an honor when someone even likes what I have to say let alone share it with their friends. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you all the best with your blogging group. Blogging is an awesome creative outlet and I hope you keep at it because it really does have its own rewards. 🙂

  228. Lone straggler…just.got.pressed… I’m happy, excited and have had an exhausting weekend. Since it’s all so new, I’m wanting to check out at least every commenter’s blog. That’s how I got here from I think NYCvixen. But the surfing is out of control! I could go on but I have 90 photos of macaroons screaming at me. This was a great post and I’m glad you got pressed. Look forward to looking more at your site.
    Best wishes….wendy

  229. Many thanks Karen for posting this! I’ve just recently started my own blog as well. It’s fun to be able to read this post of your blog, maybe hopeful to be as popular as you’re blog is. If not, I’m just grateful to also have a follower (one only as of the moment), likers (they are two!), and commenters (two also) like you said! Hope this comment made another smile to you as well =)

  230. I’ve basically been missing in action from the blogging world for a few months and I missed you getting Freshly Pressed!

    I still think “the best blog posts I’ve ever written were borne out of social tragedies” is one of the most amusing quotes of all time.

  231. Pingback: Lecciones de una bloguera – Rafael Morales

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