Very Important Announcement: Why you should enter my Blog contest…

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Without any more fuss, here’s the case why you should be entering this contest:

1) Because you like my blog.

Now, if the above statement is not true, then please disregard this post and go back to living your TSJSC- deprived life. If the above statement is true however, you may proceed.

2) All this contest requires you to do is to name a post that you enjoyed reading. Here, let me help you on that one. According to my stats, some of my most popular posts are  “Karen’s Guide to maximizing Gym Workouts” which got Freshly Pressed last year, “The New and Improved Boyfriend Screening Process” which was a hot favorite this year, and for some reason that’s beyond me, “Do I look fat in that shirt?” which was my one and only post on fashion, and it was terrible.

See what I just did? I actually just GAVE you the answer to this. You could just pick one of the above post and lie by saying its your favorite. I’m lowering my contest standards for you!! Jeez louise…

3) After some feedback, there seems to be a little confusion about one of the rules that states that you have to refer my blog to two other people. You don’t HAVE to. It’s not a requirement, just a favor. If you don’t want to tell anyone about this blog, it’s all good in the hood.  But this means I just completely removed a rule, thus leaving the only possible excuse now to be laziness. And that’s just shameful.  

Why am I making this so easy for you? Is it because I’m shamelessly soliciting for compliments?

Yes I am.

But the bigger reason here is because I honestly love you all for all the support this blog has gotten. It’s what keeps me going. So many of you have paid me some of the highest compliments, which while is flattering, really encourages me to keep writing. This is my way for thanking you for that.

Yes, I only have one prize (its small but cool) but that doesn’t mean there’s just one winner. The first five on the list will get personalised thank you letters. Plus I’ll have some other fun excuses categories for people to get personalised thank you letters. Because that’s what this contest is about, a big end-of-the year thank you.

So without further ado: Click HERE to enter my blog contest! (please comment under that post, not this one) 😀 Remember, the last day is Friday, December 9th, 2011

Thank you all so much 🙂

Also, here’s a fun poll you can also do while you’re at it:


One thought on “Very Important Announcement: Why you should enter my Blog contest…

  1. Dudette, last time I checked, doing someone else’s homework is cheating. But that never stopped me from paying other people to do my Phys Ed homework! That gave me enough time to finish my trigonometry and Spanish Lit assignments.
    So, cheat away.

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