Karen’s TSJSC Holiday Contest

I think its about time that I show you folks some appreciation for all the support this blog has gotten in the past year. I have much to be thankful for. And what better time to do this other than Christmas time!

So without further ado, here it is:

The 2011 TSJSC Holiday Contest/ Giveaway.

Last year, I gave away two movie tickets. But the nature of that giveaway meant I could only give it to a winner in Canada. This year, I understand that I have readers all over the world who deserve a fair shot. With that in mind, this contest is open to EVERYONE, whichever hole or corner of the world you may be at. I will find a way to send you a little something-something to say thank you.

So here are the rules:

1) You need to be a somewhat regular reader of this blog.

2) Comment on this post by telling me what post in the past year you enjoyed the most and what kind of topics you want to see covered more.

3) Refer at least two friends to this blog. A great way of doing this would be to share this blog on Facebook or Twitter. Of course, this particular rule works on the honor system.

Once again, I will use the very reliable www.random.org to decide the winner. I want to include as many “winners” as I possibly can. The first name that shows up on the random list will receive a small gift (TBD) and a personalized thank you letter. The next four names on the list will all receive personalised thank you letters.

Please note that the winners will be required to email me their mailing addresses. Don’t worry, I promise not to sell them.

This contest begins as soon as I hit the Publish button and will end on Friday December 9th, 2011.

You guys all are winners in my books, just so you know. This little blog wouldn’t be what is it without your support. I am grateful for every single one of you. Thank you all so very much once again. It’s been a great year and I hope to bring on more laughs in the year to come.  

Alright then…comment away! And goodluck to everyone!


19 thoughts on “Karen’s TSJSC Holiday Contest

  1. Hi Karen. I think this contest is a great idea! I would have shared the blog anyhow, like i’ve been doing, but now that there’s a prize, it’s even more exciting! Anyway, I really enjoy your posts on dating and religion, and would like to see more discussions about them, and also about film and music. Since I am a new reader, I would have to say that my favorite post is your online Prince Charming/Bad Speller encounter; that one, and the Movember post. Those two are really what got me hooked to your witty and entertaining blog. So there it is. My entry into TSJSC Holiday Contest. Now, onto Facebook to share the address. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  2. K,
    My favourite entries were Santa Singh and the Maid of Honour Speech. You have a nose for trouble, and have thoughtful, witty and inspiring way to tell us about your adventures. Please keep them coming.

  3. I can definitely say what brought us here to your blog is your Boyfriend Screening Process post, I could not stop laughing at how true and hilarious the whole screening process actually was. What got me laughing the other day so hard too was the post on Twilight: “Save a Volvo, Ride a Vampire”…the comments on Edward sparkling and the whole review itself had me walking across Yonge street reading on my Blackberry and probably looking like a crazy person laughing out loud.

    As for referring your blog, we have you on our Blogroll so hopefully that works 😀


    Brooke and Mckenzie


  4. Definitely your b/f screening blog – funny and not too anti-men!!! 🙂

    Funny thing is if we used the same thing for a g/f screening blog, but it would devolve to: ‘Turn up naked – bring beer’…

    Love and hugs!


  5. yayyy a giveaway I hope i WIN. I also loved the boyfriend screening process post! And as for what kind of posts I’d like to see more of- stories about dating are always funny, but I generally just enjoy your funny observations on life 🙂

  6. Goodness, I love most of your posts! They help me keep going when I feel too overwhelmed with the Sidney’s and Bakhtin’s that refuse to leave my life 😛
    My favourite one was by far the new and improved boyfriend screening process, though. So true about the perfect catholic guys for you being in seminaries (i have a funny story to tell you about this next time I see you)! And also, Ryan Gosling /is/ freakin’ worth passing ‘go’ for!

    I read your posts at our newman house sometimes while we’re all writing papers, and I’ve read out a bit or two that’s caused many a giggle. Hope you’re well!

  7. Hey Karen!

    Hope all is well and that your foot is mending quickly/normally/nicely/beautifully (???)

    I discovered your blog about a month ago on Facebook and have been loving it since. It is always humorous and eloquently written. Just wanted to stop by and commend you on your excellent work! Thanks for bringing a smile to our face and a snort through our nose.

    I don’t necessary want a prize, but I want to say that the Mo’vember post was definitely my favourite so far. I rather despise those heinous things. Thank goodness December is here!

    Once again, thank you and keep the blogs coming!!


  8. Karen,

    I really loved the “Letter to Canada” post! I actually did forward it to all my friends (and even relatives) that I felt could understand the humour of being an immigrant in this great (but sometimes irritating) country. I just really enjoy your sense of humour, and I always get a laugh out of reading your posts. Thanks for starting this blog, and keep on posting!

    Sam C.

  9. Hi Kiws!!! Ok so my favorite blog posts were the Maid of Honor speech, How to speak Goan and the one with the pictures of the dreaded bunny-hop foot-breaking incident!!! I love your witty style of writing and most of all I love you! 🙂 P.s I still think you need to start writing for a magazine!

  10. I wanna win.
    Ya know what… I may NEED to win. I don’t think I have any small, cool things. *thinks really hard* No, probably not.
    *whispers* Make sure I win!
    I enjoyed the Happiness Project posts. 🙂

  11. Oh which one to pick. Prince Charming was certainly hilarious. The fashion one was different which was nice. But I think the best was your bridesmaid speech because it was from the heart 🙂

  12. Hi Karen,

    I did in fact find your blog through freshly pressed last year but since then I’ve been checking your updates and I actually really enjoyed the post about how you went to see Boyce Avenue in a wheelchair (I believe it’s called “Out of my way, prepubescent girls! Wheelchair coming through.”) not only because it’s hilarious, but also because I learned about Boyce Avenue!

  13. Hey Karen!

    My favourite post by far was the one in which you made a “list” of the perfect guy. You mentioned that you wanted a Catholic Ryan Gosling. That spoke to me because it was funny, while honest at the same time. I mean, we’re all looking for someone, and you managed to capture that sentiment quite nicely, in a very witty way. My second favourite was “How to Speak Goan” – no explanation necessary as to why, lol.

    The topic I would like to see covered more would probably be: religion. I know you have a deep faith, and it would interest me to know more about it 🙂

    All in all, your blog is pretty fantastic – honest, insightful, funny, and a great read!

    Keep up the good work,

  14. howdy,

    the post i liked best was the one where you went to the concert with your broken foot… ur friend sounds hilarious 😛 i like your posts about dating and where you discuss the general nonsense of humanity you encounter at work. i will refer ur blog to ppl for sure because its so funny 🙂

    ❤ Sargent pepper

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