On my quest to find new and interesting blogs to read, I stumbled on this gem. Jamie lives in the Netherlands and this is just a sample of his hilarious blog on his humorous take on life.

I laughed out loud when I saw this chart. It perfectly encapsulates what frustrated, PMSing and heartbroken women have been trying to express for centuries. (the rest of us who aren’t in any of the three states above mentioned still have faith that this chart is not entirely true)

Check out Jamie’s blog! You won’t be sorry 🙂

One Life by jamieonline

When it comes to men there are different types – lots of different types.

I like the research model below.

I’d have to agree – naturally.

I think I can place guys into each of those segments…

Read it and weep guys!

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10 thoughts on “Men

  1. How fab! I haven’t been reflagged before. What a treat to come to.
    Thanks for that!

    Oh – and now I’m feeling the pre sure to really deliver. The world will expect me to now,,,,,

    Have a wonderful weekend, and watch out for those men!!

    • You’re most welcome! And there’s no pressure. Your writing is sincere and your blog is a great fun read, so you should be fine 😉

      I really loved the 2011 lists you made. Such a great idea. I might steal that idea from you if you don’t mind.

      You have a great weekend too and keep blogging!

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