The Summer Set List

I know. I know. I’ve taken a long self imposed hiatus from the blogging world. If you have missed me, then I hope the sunshine this summer made up for lack of my superiorly entertaining blog posts. If you haven’t, no love lost there. I was at odds about what to blog about after being away from ranting for so long. Surprisingly, I find it easier to blab about nonsense while I’m a roll with blabbing about nonsense. Getting on that moving train again is like well…getting on a moving train.

So to appease my formerly captivated audience, I decided to pick up where I left off and let you know how my summer’s been going, lest you should be sick with worry.

So many (and yet so few) life changing things have happened this summer:

Change in Weather: We might as well talk about it since we’re here. The end of May and begining of June threw Toronto into a heat wave. The eternal complainers who bitched about the frigid -30 degree temperatures in Febuary bitched about the flaming +30 degree temperatures in June. The rest of us bitched about the complainers. While this was going on, summer came and went.

Changes in public transit: Summer hours cause me joy in more ways than countless. Gone are the long (short) January days where I left my house for work every night (morning/dawn) and came home from work every night (night/dusk). Now I wake up at a respectable time or rather at sunrise and come home at an hour when the sun is still hot enough to burn fat. This is a wonderful thing since I am getting fat on account of not running to catch buses and sleeping in 5 minutes extra.

Changes in living quarters: There is something about change in seasons that always brings about an energy and excitement in me to live. They take the dreariness and mundaneness (is that a word?) out of life. And with this burst of energy usually comes the excitment of starting new projects such as The Happiness Project…which I swear is completed but I haven’t bothered to tell you how all that went down. Project for the summer is that I rearranged my whole house. And now it looks better than yours.

Changes in Immigration Status: In case you haven’t heard, my latest endeavor to stay in the fine immigrant-welcoming country of Canada was shot down the toilet this July. I am now on a “pending status”. Pending  the 3 hour lunch breaks Immigration Canada takes before they cast their death sentences.

Changes in love life: Who am I kidding? Nothings changed here.

Changes in my bank account: With the imposition of large immigration fees, legal fees, taxes, more taxes, taxes I wasn’t aware I had to pay, taxes I’m not supposed to pay, living and clothing myself I now have a total of $300 dollars to my name in my bank account. I’m thinking of buying a 300 dollar record player to make myself feel better.

Changes in my personal relationships: Inspite of anything negative that may have happened, one thing is for sure…well maybe two things are for sure: 1) the sun is still shining. 2) I have some effing amazing friends. I suppose you never know just how awesome the people in your life are until your life falls apart. I guess nothing really changed with my personal relationships. But I definitely changed the way I viewed them.

Other noteworthy things I did this summer is that I went to three concerts. The Script, wherein my friend Serena and I spent three hours in the line up, bought overpriced concert tshirts and stood 3 more hours during the actual concert. All worth it to see three Irish boys singing about how heart-broken they are.

The second was Third Eye Blind, which I went to see with my friend Genevieve. The concert was free which is probably why the security guards were not paid to do their job as I almost kept getting kicked in the face by crowd surfing crack addicts.

The third was Maroon 5 and Train, also with Serena and my brother Kevin. As much as I love Maroon 5 and their manwhore frontman Adam Levine, Serena and I were doubled over laughing at his Jagger inspired moves which mostly consisted of showing off, crotch grabs and gyrating all over the stage. In any case we paid money to be entertained, and entertained we were.

And there you have it. Now you know what I did this summer.


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