The First TSJSC Giveaway

Hello people who read my blog!!

I realised the other day that I have so many amazing people who read and support this blog. Believe it or not, its your comments and encouragement that motivate me to continue writing. I love working on this blog and I love the fact that you actually read what I write even more. To show you my appreciation, I’m going to start a regular giveaway tradition that is basically just a small thank you for supporting me.

So in keeping with this, I’m giving away two movie passes to a lucky TSJSC blog reader! The winner will be selected at random…courtesy of (Thank you Lisa Canning for this link)

The Bad News:

There can only be one winner of the tickets. Of course, everyone who reads this blog is a winner in my books. 🙂

Due to the unfortunate circumstance of geography, readers from outside of Canada will probably not be able to use Cineplex movie tickets if you win. I feel really bad about this. If you do win, you will get an honorable mention and a free movie on me if we are ever in the same city.

 The Rules:

All you have to do is comment on this blog post with your name and what you like about this blog. Comments can also be made on the facebook posting. “Likes” however, do NOT count.

You have exactly one week to make the comment. The giveaway deadline is Monday February 7th, 2011 at 11:59pm.

After this, a winner will be selected and after having me provided all the necessary info, the tickets will be mailed to you.

So goodluck everyone! You have one week!

And thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support!


14 thoughts on “The First TSJSC Giveaway

  1. Kiws.. I love that your blog is witty, entertaining and more than anything I love that you’re my bff and sister-from-another-mother! Keep up the great work so we can learn to put humor back into our sometimes mundane lives! 🙂

  2. I like that you seem to be the same witty, charming, thoughtful girl in cyberspace, that I met real life. Thus, reading this blog provides the perfect substitute for the pleasure of your company in the flesh… which I still hope to enjoy at some point

  3. I like reading this blog not only cause I like to support my friends, but also because its witty, funny, creative and it allows me to believe that I’m not the only one losing my sanity at times (even though I already know this, its just reassuring!)


  4. Karen! all of your advertising has convinced me…

    I have read all of your various blogs & this one is no different, plus! the “fun” amount I have allotted myself in my monthly budget could use a little boost ’cause tuition is such a strain

    what I enjoy about your blog is your point of view and rants about everyday issues
    commuting sucks, but your stories remind me I’m not alone
    oh and it was always entertaining when you would discuss your terrible patients

  5. I love your blog. Its so well written and so bluddy entertaining ya know! It must be hard commuting to and fro from a tough job like that but it really makes for a good read. I feel like a douche for only commenting when you offer free tickets. OH WELL. you fucken rock i love it keep at it.

  6. Karen,

    Thanks so much for your candid writing of this blog! It’s one of the only blogs I read on a regular basis, and definitely the one that makes me laugh the most! Your one of a kind…

  7. Hey K

    Love the blog…glad you are finally out there in more ways than one. It’s funny, witty, sarcastic and oh so insightful !

    Continue writing because it lets me know what you are up to since I don’t have Facebook and when I can’t call you.

    See what the temptation of winning movie tickets has done to me…

    Later days,

  8. I love the names you give to the crazies in your life and your observations of them. That being said, when you reference me it feeds my self-important narcissism.

  9. This blog lets me listen to the awesome ideas you have in your head and we don’t talk about in person bc we spend all the time sharing crazy stories. The blog has the highest level of coherent and logical randomness which I enjoy when talking to you.
    Keep it up, and don’t forget about me when you reach the top you great writer you.

    PS If I don’t win the tickets you should invite me over for popcorn and stale sprite as a consolation prize.

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