I still sound like an old man but…

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve been sick. For 5 days, I thought I had some lethal strain of the flu that would take years to go away…until I couldn’t take it anymore and called Telehealth Ontario. After 10 minutes of being barked at by the nurse about how important it was that I saw a doctor immediately, I went back only to be informed that I had a sinus infection this whole time and not the flu. Now I’m killing time with Amoxil and the gross but effective Neti-Pot. Imagine that.

Anyway, I’m not here to bitch out about being sick again. This is just a small thank you to all those of you who called, emailed, facebooked, visited, brought me soup, texted me at all hours of the night so I could have fun things to read in the morning, offered rides, offered prayers, offered sympathy, read my rants and didn’t laugh at my old man voice.

I would like to add another lesson I learnt from being sick.

Lesson #7: When in sickness and doubt, call Telehealth. They will actually spend more time with you than an actual doctor.


2 thoughts on “I still sound like an old man but…

  1. That you did! 🙂 And it was delicious…and plentiful.
    There are several people who did acheive the great feat of not laughing at my old man voice though. Nothing is impossible.

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