Jake Gyllenhaal and Other Drugs

This is a Karen style movie review of the much-anticipated flick “Love And Other Drugs” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. 

 A couple of weeks ago, I was flipping through channels and I found the trailer of “Love and Other Drugs”. It was a movie that had two beautiful people, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Who cared about the plot line…and all the nudity I claim to have known nothing about before I watched it?

But in case you cared enough to care, the plotline:

Jake G is Jamie Randall, an irresistibly charming young man who specializes in the art of sales both of products and himself. His parents never bought into his unorthodox lifestyle of working in a deadbeat second-hand electronic store, dancing to Spin Doctors while making out with his boss’s girlfriend. In an attempt to change his life, make millions and feel like a son again, Jamie sells his soul to the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer.

In the arduous tasks of stealing Prozac samples off his competitors, selling Zoloft to busy doctors while sleeping with their secretaries, Jamie meets Maggie a bright young woman at a doctor’s office. A few hundred bedroom workouts later, Jamie falls in love with Maggie. Obviously there is a catch. Two ridiculously good-looking people don’t just find each other, sleep together multiple times and fall in love. Even Hollywood won’t make it THAT easy. Maggie is an artist who has Parkinson’s Disease and Jamie is a fast tracking sales rep who is building his bank account selling Viagra and Zoloft.

Will the power these drugs have over raking in the millions triumph over arguably the most powerful drug: love? Ooooooooooooh. dun dun dun…(Spoiler alert: No. Viagra and Zoloft do not trump love. No matter how hard up and depressed you are)

So what did I think? At first I thought I loved it. But after thinking about it for a while, I realised that Jake Gyllenhaal had charmingly distracted me from the realities of Parkinson’s disease and this movie.

I thought I loved the fact that it took place in the 90’s and any movie with Spin Doctors and Macarena as their soundtrack is an instant winner in my books. Also, did I mention Jake Gyllenhaal is unbelievably beautiful in this movie? And I really liked Anne Hathaway’s hair! And oh my…were Hathaway and Gyllenhaal ever scandalous with acting out at least 65% of this movie in the nude! And sadly that’s where it stops.

My friend Lisa who sat beside me sobbed from halfway through the end. Meanwhile, I sat there trying to feel a little more sympathy for the couple. I thought of Jamie and how difficult it must be to be an egotistic pharmaceutical rep while trying to deal with the fact that his bed-mate has a debilitating disease.  I empathized with the fact that since Maggie never had the option of trusting anyone to stay past the morning after, she needed Jake to take the sting out of her loneliness. I did feel really bad for Maggie though who because of Parkinson’s could not open the bottle of her medication…or a bottle of Vodka in lieu of her failed attempt at the meds bottle.

At the end, I wasn’t sure whether this movie was about a love story, a look into the world of pharmaceuticals, the reality of medicine or Jake Gyllenhaal’s butt. All of them meshed into two hours of confusion. Just as I tried to get into the love story, the focus shifted on a new drug Jake was challenged to sell and vice versa.

I also had a hard time seeing them as a genuine couple when all they did as a couple was have sex. Just once I would have liked to see them get out of the bedroom and do normal couple things like go on dates, hold hands, kiss in the rain, do the crossword and every other stupid cliché that adorn Hollywood on-screen romances. The movie was overly ambitious and hence wasn’t able to take have the time to focus on their relationship and all the other issues it set out to present.

That all being said, I did think that Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway looked adorable together. There were some smart Viagra jokes, Oliver Platt was hilarious, Anne was absolutely gorgeous and talented and Jake danced to Spin Doctors.

In the end, I’m afraid this movie had better luck selling Viagra than Jamie and Maggie’s romance. And that’s saying a lot since I read that it’s pretty freaking hard be a Viagra salesman. Pun intended.

I’ll give this movie 2 and a half stars out of 5. Or maybe 3 stars. They did have the Macarena in their soundtrack after all.


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