Leafs and Royals

Everyday in my race against time to catch the 77, I pick up a copy of Metro. Metro is a free newspaper for commuters that contains local and international headlines to keep you in the know while you tolerate being on the bus for an hour. I specially like the “Caption the photo” section on the back. Not to mention the crossword is pretty easy and doing it makes me feel smart. 
There are two free commuter newspapers in Toronto: Metro and 24 Hours. The crossword in 24 Hours is easier but its unfortunately not along  my race track to the bus. Its always interesting to see what makes the front page of these newspapers…or any newspapers for that matter. Its gives an idea of what the newspaper thinks matters or what they feel commuters should think matters.
Yesterday I came across an interesting divide between the two newspapers. The front pages could not have been more different from each other…and yet so similar.

Notice the little corner Wills carved for himself on the top left of Metro

Yes, Canada. One paper burst with the importance of a Maple Leafs win and the other swooned with the news of a royal engagement. Both of which are rare occurences. I know I’ve not been in Canada for too long, but if its one thing I know about Canadians is that they are truly fascinated with the Royal Family. I have a zillion Hello magazines from work to prove it.

But lets face it. The whole world is fascinated with the Royal Family. For pete’s sake, we even refer to the Royal Family with capital letters…so at least I seem to have been doing so. The news around the world flooded with glossy photos of the balding prince and his blushing bride-to-be at the announcement. Perez Hilton even wants their wedding day to be a national holiday in the US.

And in the midst of all this hoopla, Metro, very commendably I must say, runs the Toronto Maple Leafs. I thought about this for a while. I know I’m skating on very thin ice when I say this but there are many similarities between the Royal Family and the Leafs. Both parties have the Canadian public watching them in fascination. Some people wonder what exactly the monarchy does…just as how some other people wonder what exactly the heck the Leafs are doing. And at the risk of being body-checked back to Kuwait by hard-core Leafs fans, both sides have enormus amounts of money given to them for just existing.

 Believe it or not, there is some good news. While everyone is going crazy over Kate and William’s wedding plans, the size of her ring, the design of his tie and her pee schedule, no one is putting pictures of the Leafs on dinner plates or mugs any time soon. I do however agree with Perez. I’d like a national holiday when William and Kate get hitched. I know we would get one if the Leafs won the Stanley Cup. I am left wondering though which one is more unlikely: getting a holiday for the royal nuptials or the Leafs winning the Cup. 

Until then I will continue reading the Metro, Kate will be picking a wedding dress, the Leafs will be doing what they do best (absolutely nothing), life as we know it will go on and nobody will actually care.

So much for front page headlines.


2 thoughts on “Leafs and Royals

  1. yeh Prince Harry is a cutie. Probably because he has that bad boy thing going for him. And he’s a prince. Prince Charming being a bad boy is quite likely the hottest combo.

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