Ten Reasons why Praying on the 77 is a Good Idea

I have, on many occasions in the past, complained blogged about the York Region Transit #77. The 77 is definitely a sociologist’s dream. Everyday, it transports people from almost every social hierarchical standing. And if you don’t see the higher hierarchical standers on the bus, you’ll probably see them driving their Maseratis from its dirty windows.

Shortly after I became a regular on the 77 about a year ago, I took to praying a rosary on the bus every morning. At first I did it because I thought it would be a good way to come back from the numerous guilt trips my mother kept sending me on every time she asked me if I was praying daily. However, much to my delight, I discovered that apart from peace in the soul and appeasing my mother, there were other advantages to talking to the Big Guy when on a bus like the 77.

 1. Saying the rosary requires of one to make the Sign of the Cross. This comes specially useful when your surroundings involve the resident bus idiot. The Sign of the Cross is a way of saying “I’m praying. I do not want to tell you where I live or work or why I pay for coffee with my credit card or talk to you because you are being creepier than a white van parked near a kindergarten playground. Please leave me alone while I ask God for the patience to be nice”.
2. The extra advantage of having a rosary in your hand is that if that same bus idiot touches your shoulder to get your attention when you are clearly trying to ignore him, pretending to check which bead you are on (basically bringing the rosary in plain sight of the creeper) works wonders in the case of the disappearing bus idiot. It’s almost like performing an exorcism of Shady McShade vibes.

3. There is something strangely comforting about warming one hand with a Starbucks cup and holding a rosary with the other.

4. If you have ever said a rosary in its entirety, you will know that for that entire 20 minutes or so you will be thinking of all things unrelated to God. And they are usually things that slip your mind or stuff you normally don’t think about. Thanks to my rosary today, I remembered to buy laundry detergent…which means I have clean socks, which means I can go to the gym, which means I get to see front desk cutie exercise.  Everyone wins.

 5. Saying the rosary in the morning is the surest way of getting rid of work related anxiety disorders. And creepy men. I might have mentioned that already.

6. Trying to focus on saying 10 Hail Marys in blocks of five has a strange way of clearing your mind by taking away useless thoughts and hence letting your Starbucks cup work its magic. The alternative to that is drinking your coffee while listening to John Mayer, thinking about how much you hate work, taxes, immigration, the weather, the government, the Nazis and the creepy bus dude. And doing this only leaves you with more hatred and an uncomfortable facial twitch.

7. All of the best blog ideas I’ve ever had have come from quiet mornings on the 77, fighting to get past the last set of Hail Marys without falling asleep.

8. My boss and co-workers seem to be happier people when I say the rosary. They seem even happier on the mornings that I don’t fall asleep while saying the rosary.

9. Commute times are shorter when you say the rosary. Don’t ask me how. I get to work in 20 minutes. Even if the watch tells me an hour and a half.

10. I struggled with this one a bit before finally realising I missed out the most important reason why it is a good idea to pray on the 77. Praying in general is a good idea. You can bitch about work and complain about the weather as much as you want without interruptions. God doesn’t usually do that annoying thing human beings do where when you tell them a horror story about your life they try to trump it with a larger one of their own just to make you and your story look like a joke.

Contrary to what the world will tell you, there are perks to being tight with Mr. Universe Creator.


2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons why Praying on the 77 is a Good Idea

  1. I pray every night just before I go to bed.

    What I need to work on though, is praying in the morning. Most days I forget. I just have a million things to do before heading out the door.

    There are days that I’ll remember while I’m in the shower or on my drive to work.

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