Water-cooler gossip

 Conversation at work between physiotherapist and patient:

(might be slightly paraphrased)

Physiotherapist: So where do you feel pain mostly?

Patient: In my back.

Physiotherapist: Okay. Are there any activities that aggravate this pain in your back.

Patient: Yes, sex.

Physiotherapist: Sex? You hurt your back having sex?

Patient: No my back hurts when I have sex. Especially in the missionary position. (insert conversation about sex positions).  What do you suggest I do?

Physiotherapist: Well…umm..I don’t know. I suppose you could try going on top.

Patient: No, I mean about my back.


4 thoughts on “Water-cooler gossip

  1. This made me LOL! 🙂 I’m loving your blog btw. I found it on Freshly pressed and have spent far too much time on here already!

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