Single in the City

My co-worker Maria is probably one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. On one of our long drives home we laughed about dating in Toronto. “Where do you even go to meet people, Karen?” she asked me.

While we both agreed that  the pseudo-reality of the phrase “there are no good people left in this city”  rang true for a lot of single Torontonians, one cannot live in Toronto and declare that there are no good-looking people left in this city.

Of course, it actually depends on what you are looking for. Maria suggested that the best place to meet people is to get the hell out of Toronto and go for a bike tour in France. I’m inclined to wholeheartedly agree with her. However, for those of us you who do not have the money, the time or the balls to get out of the country to meet the love of your life at the top of the Eiffel Tower, there’s the lovely Toronto social scene right at your fingertips.

While there are plenty of places to suit the needs of every type of ecclectic interest, Toronto Cupid’s hang out spots seem to be fairly limited. I think he gets exhausted of Torontonians being so dense and fussy about being in relationships that he throws his arrows in the garbage, says screw this and takes a bike tour of France.

And so to save all you singletons  from unnessescary angst and frustration after going to that exciting new lounge that is supposedly teeming with hotties like you to meet someone, I will list some of the places where you might or might not find the love arrows flying around:

1) Bars, clubs, pubs: Why would you not meet someone here?- Because the music and atmosphere is so loud you wouldn’t know whether the cutie who bumped into you on the way to the bar is saying “My dad is Portugese” or “My aunt had herpes” (true story). Of course, there are exceptions and sometimes you will meet someone you have an instant connection with. You will be madly attracted to each other, have intellectual conversations about art, Toronto’s infrastructure and unicorns and you will both happen to love the name Sebastian for your first born son. Oh wait. That actually doesn’t even happen in real life. (Clubbing, pubing and baring obviously is not real life)

2) Patios, restuarants and ballroom dance class: Let’s break this down. Patios and restaurants actually work a little better than clubs. Why? Because unlike at a club, you probably wont have to worry about the balding guy trying to grind up on you while you are trying to talk to the cutie who says he works out everyday…or did he just say he was gay…Why this will not work out? Because more often than not, the wait staff is a lot better looking (and a lot less drunk) than the patrons. And the fact that hitting on your Ryan Reynolds look-alike server is frowned upon by common etiquette definately puts a kink in your little “lets meet some nice people tonight” plan. I don’t make these rules. I just grudgingly follow them.

As for ballroom dancing classes, if you are a guy, I will gladly give you a guarantee that you will meet the ladies. Expecially the kind who are young, educated, have stable jobs and who took the class “to do something different” (but secretly want to meet sensitive guys). Ladies though, if you are young, educated have a stable job and mind and want to “do something different” (and secretly want to meet sensitive guys) go to church. Which leads me to my next point…

3) Church: You will meet tons of nice guys in church. You would not dream of dating any of them. (Sorry, ladies)

4) Gym: No. Even when sometimes you see someone interesting and you both end up doing bicep curls together. There is no such thing as love at first stretch.

While I understand there are always exceptions to the rules, it is very unlikely completely possible that you might met the love of your life at a seedy nightclub, or have the best date of your life with guy who graciously let you get on the Stairmaster even though he was there first. Regardless, what I will admit though is that Toronto is full of places where you can genuinely have a great night out and meet some great people. You probably won’t date them, but you are guaranteed to have a great night…and some distracted bicep curls.

For anything beyond, there’s eHarmony.


7 thoughts on “Single in the City

  1. bahahah yeh, the elusive grocery store. I always find cute dads at grocery stores. Which means there is a cute mom somewhere in the produce aisle…or at home waiting for produce.

    Sometimes the guy stocking the shevles in the frozen section is cute. In which case you pretend you need help reaching with the frozen lasagna right at the top. It helps being 5′.2

    Who’s making short jokes now! lol

    • There’s a really cute stock “boy” at the No Frills that I go to. I say “boy” b/c he’s younger. Hmm…maybe 18 or so. I feel like such a cougar but he’s hot! LOL

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