Bed Linens

New bed linens! What do you think? I don’t know what look I was going for. I have bed linen ADD. Clearly.


5 thoughts on “Bed Linens

  1. I bought the same sheets from ikea 8 years ago…be careful they run when you wash, and they also stained the white wall beside my bed where they touched, but luckily you don't have a white wall…

  2. It totally was Indian influenced! But real Indian…the Indian I'm proud of. Not Bollywood Indian :PTara: I know quite a few people you have had these sheets. I figured as much they would run color. Thanks for the heads up though. Everything was telling that the color would give me a lot of grief but I couldnt resist because it looked so vibrant!I hope it doesnt look like crap after a few washes

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