Hello Innocence

Lately, I’ve been suffering from a complete lack of will to write. This can be sufficiently illustrated by the fact that I have not made a single post for the last 2 weeks. The reason for this albeit a pretty bad one is that I keep getting started on a post and then get sidetracked by YouTube videos, Facebook photos, a large jar of peanut butter, a certain TV show called Community and other fairly effective modes of procrastination.

But although I have not been writing lately, there are always things in my life that warrant some blog-worthy typeage. Lately, I’ve been discovering and uncovering some of life’s little pleasures that I have been taken for granted too long. And so to break this spell of the uninspired-inspired blogging hiatus, I have complied these little gems for you to satisfy your recent lack of having some quality blog reading material. And you know the drill folks. Everything has a list in Karen’s world. Especially things like:

-Waking up on Saturday morning and realising a second later you don’t need to wake up.

-Reaching your bus stop just in time to see the infamous 77 pull into the bus loop.

-Looking up at the clock at work (or class) after a particularly long and trying day and finding out that you only have 7 minutes more to go.

-Finding a tooney in your fall jacket from that time you went to a club last fall and couldn’t find change for coat check.

-Eating peanut butter with a large spoon. And then drinking a hot cup of tea that not only makes you feel like a million bucks but also melts all the peanut butter stuck in your teeth.

-Doing a crossword where you get all the right answers over a cafe mocha and a slice of cherry cheese cake.

-Laughing hard with friends over a free McDonalds coffee at 2am.

-Going on a retreat, spending time with good friends (God’s a friend too) and really knowing for the first time in your life that without a doubt, there is a God.

-Surprising someone with their favorite candy

-Falling into a pile of warm, freshly washed, Downy smelling laundry.

-Finding a Christmas card from your high school best friend buried and forgotten in a show box

-Finding the perfect pair of jeans on sale

-Twenty-second hugs

-Going to a concert that unexpectedly blows all your expectations out of the water and leaves you on a high for weeks.

-Seveteen degrees in Toronto. Weather so nice, you feel like you could single handedly change the world and move a mountain at the same time.

– Strutting down Yonge Street to the song “All over it” by Jamie Cullum and realising that you could care less about how idiotic you look.

-Taking a hot shower and then slipping into cold sheets.

-The first bite of freshly baked garlic bread.

-Wearing a skirt for the first time after a long cold winter.

-Ironing socks and then slipping your feet into them on a cold winter’s day.

-Getting indoors to a warm room after walking for 20 minutes in the freezing cold.

-Sharing inside jokes with old friends from years ago and finding it funnier now then you ever did back then.

-Microwaving two-bite brownies to almost a melting point and then eating them with cold vanilla icecream.

-Finding that warm spot in your bed after having to wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

-The smell of barbeque smoke on your clothes and hair

-The moment of recollecting a thought that has been annoyingly dancing at the tip of your tongue but refuses to come out.

-The gift of your five senses.

-Telling a joke with a well-delievered punchline.

-Discovering little unknown hideouts in downtown Toronto.

-Finding your keys when you’re in a hurry.

-Smiling back at a cute stranger on the subway.

-That moment when you are finally able to really appreciate all of the little things.

And with that I will now leave you with two things: One is a challenge to make your own list of things that make your day slightly more bearable…dare I say enjoyable. And the other is to find a song that makes you strut down the street like a fool without a care of what a fool you look like to normal people.

I will let you borrow mine until you find your own.


Just so you know, its a whole more fun if you can pretend like you’re being followed by that whole orchestra of backup singers and violinists while strutting.
Also, if you know what’s good for you, you will watch this video from begining to end.

2 thoughts on “Hello Innocence

  1. Hey how’s it going… How is “change of season by sweet things” for a song that makes you strut down the street like a fool without a care of what a fool you look like to normal people, but the key is you have to dress up and strut your stuff as they do in the video hahahaah… There’s a sight strutting your stuff down younge street… hahahahahahha

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