Someplace to call my own

The bedroom is finally done.

This was the most fun weekend of organising, re-organizing and shopping for cool things to make my little abode a cutesy getaway. These pictures have crappy lighting. I swear it looks better than this. What do you think?

My little reading corner.
Le fireplace and the vanity.

My shelves and workspace. Yes, I have 3 clocks. This is a result of making international calls at ungodly hours of the night. I like to keep track of time.

The bed.
And that’s what I did this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Someplace to call my own

  1. lol, good question. When I was still in university, I once slept through my neighbours playing Rock Band…drunk. Unsynchronized ticking is almost like a lullabye now. Its more annoying when I'm awake.

  2. awww thank you!And no šŸ˜¦ My landlord called up the fireplace people. They charge $180 bucks an hour just to see what's wrong. I guess I will have to wait till spring. I have tons of candles to make up for it though haha

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