Red wine and Ambien

I went in to work on Family Day today. And as expected, most of the senior citizen patient clientele asked me how my weekend went hoping for a nice, juicy Valentine’s day story of how I spent the weekend away with my fabulously rich and gorgeous new boyfriend.
If you are curious too, which I’m pretty sure you’re not, lets just put it this way:
I did NOT spend Valentine’s day “filling up my day with Coldplay songs and that movie called The Notebook…and 500 days of Summer”.
In short, I had one of those weekends that leave you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud for the rest of the week. Okay, maybe just for the Monday…but I’ll take it.
Here’s a little photo show:
I went to visit an old Friend.
Lunch with Ms. Vogue at La Vecchia. Rizzoto and a glass of Valpolicella. La Vecchia claimed to have the best tiramisu in the City of Toronto. Bold statement for a cutesy little Italian restuarant.
The tiramisu was hoovered up in a total of 15.3 seconds. It could have been done in 5 but it would have been a terrible crime not to taste it before inhaling it.
I had the best tiramisu in the city of Toronto and the classiest date to date.
Evening AND Night:
“And this is not to say,
There’ll never come a day,
I’ll take my chances and start again.
And when I look behind, on all my younger times,
I’ll have to thank the wrongs that led me to a love so strong”
Nothing like listening to my everyday commute companion LIVE!
And no good day in life can ever be complete without joyness in a cup.

I’d like to see you top that!


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