40 days and 40 nights

The season of Lent is fast approaching. For most Catholics it is a time of groaning and wondering if it is really necessary or practical to abstain from meat on Fridays.
For most practicing Catholics, it is a time of pulling teeth negotiating and cutting deals with God about what they will be giving up for 40 days and 40 nights. I have been pulling teeth for a while now (not literally) trying to convince Jesus that maybe this year, I should be exempt from giving up stuff.

My reason (excuse)? I have already given up my sanity to the rehabilitation industry to help spoilt, rich, ungrateful people enhance their already pretty good quality of life. Isn’t that enough? I mean, if you really think about it, I have been in the Lenten season for the past 11 months now. I could happily live with this notion while avoiding every ‘what-are-you-giving-up-for-lent’ conversation in my midst. Alas, I have a conscience that will probably kill me before I try to con it into agreeing to this proposterous idea.

And so to keep my conscience happy (read: choking me to death with guilt) I have listed some past possible potentials to give up for Lent:

Idea #1: Facebook

The idea of giving up Facebook for lent is age-old and only comes second to giving up meat. I have read countless articles praising people who decided to take on this seemingly impossible sacrifice and have even given it up myself for a couple of lents, which I must admit was no easy feat. But as praise-worthy as this concept is, it is getting old and boring. EVERYONE seems to be defaulting to giving up Facebook which really takes away from the sacrifice. Logically, if everyone gave up Facebook, then no one would be on Facebook and going on Facebook would be boring and pointless. Thats my justification for not giving up Facebook. Besides, how else would I make the world listen to me bitch about my life through my genius intellect that is this blog? Idea #1: shot down.

Idea #2: Meat

After years of giving up meat, I have learnt the art of getting around this whole meat issue. Its all daisies and ponies when you say you’re giving up meat. But what does it mean really? Do you just not eat it everyday? Or only Fridays and Wednesdays? And what about those tofu nuggets? Or the ever controversial fish? (isn’t fish meat too?). Its all too confusing. Plus, I couldn’t give up meat. Where else would I get the energy to give up my sanity? It effs up the whole balance and so Idea#2: shot down.

Idea #3: Music
Last year I gave up listening to music for lent. I succeeded in keeping this up for the entirety of the 40 days but I had some pretty suicidal thoughts by the end of it. This year, giving up my ipod was in my top 5 picks but considering my work situation right now, I might as well swallow a cyanide pill. Idea #3: shot down due to the fact that suicide is in fact frowned upon by the Catholic Church…even it is done in the name of Lent.

Idea#4: Make-up
Why is this even on the list? This is joke. Idea # 4: shot down.

Idea #5: Starbucks Coffee

ditto. Although, does it mean I can still drink Timmy’s? Tricky tricky. Idea #5: Surprisingly might work.

So these are pretty much what I came up with. I should hurry up and pick something although I still think I should be considered for some celestial tax cuts. What are you giving up this Lent? How about giving up watching T.V. or shopping at the mall or talking for hours on the phone and spending that time reading my blog and shamelessly promoting it instead? What? No? Bad idea? Well, I never…

Guess in the end it always comes down to the age-old toss up between meat and Facebook, huh?


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