Toronto blues

Lately, since the new year, I’ve been having a very bad case of the ‘I miss Toronto like crazy’ blues. I miss the city, I miss typing on a keyboard where every single button funtioned normally, I miss the gym, I miss my roomate. I even miss having my face frozen on my way to work. Or maybe not so much.

So, in an effort to make myself feel better, I tried to think of a Canadian thing to do. Since I could not play in the snow, go to a cottage or walk down Yonge Street, I decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.
The sandwich was great, but I’m still waiting to feel better.

And then I just found out that when I do go back to Toronto, my brother and I would be having a 12 hour stop over at Amsterdam airport. This did not make matters any better. I had a fight with my father about not noticing this sooner and I was 5lbs fatter after the grilled cheese.

So this is what I need from you. I need to make a check list of things to do to keep my brother and I from killing each other for 12 hours at an airport.
So far all I’ve got is watching reruns of The Office and Family Guy.

This is serious! Please help!


2 thoughts on “Toronto blues

  1. I wish :(We're on different flights going to toronto. Kevin and I still have 4 hours to kill after you leave. But you're right. We have the bulk of the time together. lol i'm going to google 'things to do in an airport'

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