Where the hell is my snooze button?

The start of this week has been pretty routine. Nothing too out of the ordinary. One thing that has had a noticeable change (for me at least) is the weather. It has definitely gotten colder in the mornings. While walking to the bus station at 6:30am may not be as pleasant as having some hot Tom Yum soup at Pho 88 with some good company, settling in the warmth of my bus with my morning coffee somewhat makes up for it.
This morning though, even that pleasure was almost taken from me. The Starbucks guy for some mind blowing reason decided to have a civilized conversation with me… which cost me some precious seconds. In my rush to get the hell out of there, I put the wrong lid on my cup. As I was madly trying to push it down while riding the escalator, the lid popped straight into my face. Squirts of coffee shot into my face and all over my coat. I flipped. Not because I was embarassed and had scalding coffee all over me, but because I had less coffee in my cup as usual, and just what if that wasn’t enough to get me through the wacko crackos of today. Besides, the upside about waking up before God is that there aren’t too many people to witness your special moments. Well, until now anyway.
And now that my cup had no lid, I couldnt semi-run with it without spilling the rest of it all over Finch Subway Station. So I did what any self respecting Starbucks junkie would do. I chugged. And of course had the bad case of oesophagus burn. You know exactly what that is. If you don’t, drop everything you’re doing, run to Starbucks right now, buy a coffee and chug it. Now you have a new term for what happens to your throat and foodpipe when you accidently take a huge gulp of a hot liquid whose temperature you badly misjudged. If anyone asks you where you got this phrase, please ask them to read my lifechanging blog.
I listened to Shakira all the way to work. She’s a little too sexy for a Tuesday morning on the 77 but I guess it keeps things interesting. I tried to call on the feel-goodness of Paolo Nutini and Jason Mraz but they seemed to have called in sick today. Which is what I should have done.
Here’s what I managed to salvage from these cold, crappy and blindingly bright sunny days.

That piece of furniture is going to be my new dresser/clothes/wine/purse storage. It looks like garbage now (which is appropriate because thats where I rescued it from) but it will be unrecognisable when I’m done with it.

And that other picture that looks like poop in a wok is mint beef. Good thing it doesn’t taste like poop in a wok!
Tomorrow is Wackjob Wednesday. So if you will excuse me, I’m going to eat my minty beefy dinner while I mentally debate about whether to upgrade myself from a grande to a venti and drown out my sorrows in Spice Girls and Taylor Swift.
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3 thoughts on “Where the hell is my snooze button?

  1. OMG…don't do that…that's suicide…then you'll start having Venti Red Eyes, then Venti black eyes, and then you will come up with the biggest coffee mug ever and bring it every day and put all the Starbucks crap in it that you can and force them to charge you only for a Short coffee. Glad your end of day was good, though!

  2. HAHAHA I dont think I could ever upgrade myself to a venti. A grande itself makes me a little suicidal after it wears off. What are venti black eyes though? I have black eyes. What's the difference.I'm considering getting a Starbuck travel mug. Like the one you have. What do you think?Dont laugh at me.

  3. I received a Starbucks travel mug as a gift one year. I use it for tea.

    My hubby likes to drink tea as well and he drinks it HOT. Almost scalding. I don’t know how he does it b/c he never complains about having “esophagus burn”. He likes his soups scalding too. We all think he’s insane.

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