Philosophy from a Grande Expresso-Coffee

Do you ever wake up some mornings and the sky is absolutley gorgeous? You stretch out with the delicious feeling of knowing you have this entire beautiful day all to yourself; you cannot think of a single thing to complain about and you try and plan out how you are going to spend the next wonderful 12 or so hours as you blissfully sink deeper into your warm sheets.

Yes my friends, today was definatly NOT one of those days.

Its all a blur really but I think it went something like this:
I stumble out of bed at 5:30am with sick dread. Today is Wackjob Wednesday, and boy oh boy!…today had a very impressive lineup of crackpots.
In order to prepare for today’s battle, I decided to equip myself with the essentials: my vitamin pills, a bottle of Advil, a rosary, some red lipstick, and an expresso. Now, I dont know about you, but I hate ordering something that I’m not sure of at Starbucks. Ordering anything other than a regular coffee makes me nervous. But I had to have something stronger than just coffee today! Today was special!!…in every sense of the word. I bravely walk up to the counter and the conversation goes something like this. The green bits of conversation are words that were not exchanged but I’m pretty sure they were thought of.

Karen: “Hi! Can I get an expresso?”

Starbucks Guy: *looks dumbly at Karen* “What? Do you just want a shot of expresso?”

Karen: “Emm, no. Can I maybe get a shot of expresso with something else? Like, what can I put the shot in?”

Starbucks Guy: “Who are you? Why are you here? Why don’t you just go to Country Style Coffee, you ignoramus?” “Well I suppose you could put it in….” proceeds to name all the complicated unpronounceable Starbucks drinks.

Karen: “Oh” *and after a brilliant burst of inspiration* “Can I put it in regular coffee?”

Starbucks Guy: “Why of course, Ms. Sharpest-tool-in-the-shed” “Yeh”
(Author’s note: Can I officially change the name from “Wackjob Wednesday” to “FML Wednesday”?
I fell asleep drinking my expresso coffee in the bus. It wasn’t until finally at 9am when I realised I was carrying the ultrasound machine in one hand, the laundry basketket in the other, all the while cradling the phone between my head and shoulder booking an appointment, that I realised the expresso had finally hit. My heart rate shot up and I was unstoppable. Words cannot describe how absolutley exhausting today was. I think there might have been a point where some of the patients were so inconsiderate, rude, insulting and childish that I began to rethink whether I’m really cut out for this kinesiologist bullcrap. The laundry was piling up, patients needed to be taken off the machines, the phones are ringing, while I’m a mess running around like a headless chicken wondering what I should attend to first.

And then something happened. Something so small and yet so powerful and calming, it changed how I dealt with everything and everyone for the rest of this crazy day. One of my 80 year old patients, who had been complaining incesantly about her pain, the government and the weather came out of nowhere and gave me the biggest hug in the world saying “Thank you for giving me something happy to look forward to on Wednesdays”

The expresso did finally wear-off on the bus ride home. And when it did, I crashed and burnt. No more expresso for you, little girl! But as the sun peeked out on my way home, I was convinced more than ever that there was a greater purpose as to why I did what I do. And though I had the most frustratingly long day and smelt like old people and feet, the fact that I made someone else’s day just made mine.
And just for that, I think I’m one of lucky ones who have a job that absolutley kills them…and yet somehow makes them come alive.
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4 thoughts on “Philosophy from a Grande Expresso-Coffee

  1. Mikhai: I dont know if I had red eyes. No time to look at my eyes. But they did glaze over several times. It was a little scary. Marge: I've tried their better drinks. They are all 10 times more expensive and none of them work as well as regular coffee. They just taste good. I call that the weekend menu.That old lady did drive me crazy. But she sure made up for it haha

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