Wedge-out Weekend

If you are in any way like me and foolishly did overkill workouts at the gym this week with a super intense zumba, yoga, tai chi, pilates classes and crazy 1 hour runs/jogs, then this is probably a Saturday night stay-in for you too. And of course, I did what anyone who’s too sore to move would do.

Cooked a nice dinner (because no one’s too sore to eat), settled in with a glass of wine, watched a movie with the roomate and put Paolo on loop.

Could this get any better?

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3 thoughts on “Wedge-out Weekend

  1. lol don't you just love the lisp?! Wine and a movie does sound amazing. Unfortunatly we actually ran out of wine so we had to drink juice. Its all good, when there's lack of alcohol, substitute with sugar 😉 I think you should take a break from your homework and relax for a bit with Paolo's lisp and some juice! hahahThanks for reading my blog! I think you're the only one out there who does lol

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