Terrible to Terrific: Three men that can make your Tuesday!

I once heard on the radio that Tuesdays by far surpass Mondays as being the crappiest day of the week. It has something to do with the fact that everyone’s so tired, lethargic, lazy and stupid on Mondays that most of Monday’s work gets piled on to Tuesday thus making Tuesday quite dreadful, to say the least.

For me, Terrible Tuesdays are always my longest day. After many sick-with-dread Tuesday morning episodes from the past, I made a decision . I was going to make this Terrible Tuesday morning a tolerable experience. Not only would it be tolerable, I would somehow invent at least an 80% success rate formula at starting up your Tuesday morning bright eyed and ready to take on the world. So here’s what worked for me. I call it “three men for good zen” :
The First Man: Jesus. Most univeral formulas won’t work without some sort of constant. Guess who’s the constant in this equation. This day wont be too great without checking in with the Big Guy first.

The Second Man: Paolo Nutini. My friend Aleks introduced me to Paolo Nutini singing “New Shoes” two years ago. Honestly, how can you not relate to waking up cold on a Tuesday feeling tired and sick? The fact that Paolo’s solution to a bad day is wearing new shoes makes this song the happiest 3 minutes 48 seconds for your morning commute. And ladies, I looked this up. Paolo is not gay. He just happens to think new shoes make everything alright.

The Third Man: Jason Mraz. I played all the songs off his album ‘We Sing, we dance…”. It was like reliving his past summer concert! And what an experience that was. I forgot how well Jason Mraz is able to put any one in a good mood. Yes, between Jesus, Jason and Paolo, I was probably one of the few on the bus who thoroughly enjoyed their morning commute today.

And so there you have it folks! My own formula to a good start. Maybe it might work for you too. For course though, this formula unfortunatly only gets you to work and not through it. Once you get there, you’re on your own. But I think sometimes its not about being there, it about getting there.

Sometimes what you really need is the to wake up on that cold, tired dreadful Tuesday and not wish to the highest heavens you could just call in sick. Sometimes you need to make it fun even when its not. And as with most things in life, this Tuesday too will pass. And tomrrow will be another day. Another chance to invent ways on how to give your day a little touch of wonderful.
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4 thoughts on “Terrible to Terrific: Three men that can make your Tuesday!

  1. Karen!I love that your new Holy Trinity includes Paolo!Did I tell you that I saw him in concert this past year? By far the best concert I have ever seen. That man has so much energy on stage, it's amazing!

  2. I love Paolo! He makes commuting the best part of my work day!You went for his concert?!!? WHEN?! Was this after you moved to England? Because I dont think he's had a concert in Toronto!How are you doing by the way?

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