Verdict: Addiction

Contrary to the title of this blog and the numerous references to Starbucks, I actually don’t drink that stuff too often. Twice a week at the most…and even then, the second was probably beacuse I was having a super bad day (read: Wackjob Wednesdays)
But Monday mornings, by general rule is Starbucks day. If there is any day where you need a pickmeup, I can’t think of anything better than the begining of your inevitably crappy work week. This Monday was no exception. However, this morning was the epitome of risky…all for that vile cup of caffeine.
For those of you who don’t know me (well), I’m not much of a risk taker. I consider jay walking living on the edge. Kiddy rollercoasters almost make me vomit. You get the idea. Today though, I engaged in some riske happenings. I woke up on time. But I procrastinated like a college kid on facebook the night before an essay deadline (I speak from experience). So here was the timeline:
6:30am: Ready to leave home
6:31am: Couldnt find my keys. Found them a minute later. They were in my hands.
6:35am: Couldnt find one sock. Cursed a little. Found it in my roomates boot.
6:41am: Out the door running, jay walking on all the streets in my way. I’m so bad.
6:44am: I reach Starbuck, pay for my poison. I then proceed to lid up and jet. It is then that I realise that some FOOL switched all the lids. I couldnt find a single lid for my tall cup of joe.
6:52am: I reach Finch Station, half running trying not to spill when some nice old lady held the door open for me!!!
I’m supposed to be opening doors for nice old ladies!!! What just went wrong with the world?? I got over it 2 seconds later though. Its 6:55 on a monday morning! We’re all in this together! We all open doors for each other! God bless us all!
6:57am: I think I have a heart attack while power walking to catch my 6:55am bus. I make it just as he is about to pull away. I almost cry and mentally scold myself for almost missing my bus…. or worse still spilling my coffee.
The real icing on the cake was when I got into the bus, EVERYONE had a Timmy’s coffee in their hand. I took my usual seat embarrassed. I was a Starbucks girl who almost had heart failiure on a Tim Horton’s bus. If I just bought myself a nice humble cup of Timmy’s, none of this would have happened.
The question is, would I do this crazy nonsense again? The answer is what made me believe that I was barely a few weeks away from crossing over to the land of Starbucks junkies.
Well, at least theres coffee on the other side.
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3 thoughts on “Verdict: Addiction

  1. Actually Tim Hortons is even more convenient than Starbucks because there is one inside Finch Station! Thats why EVERYONE on the bus sits in the bus warming their hands on a Timmy's cup. I'm the only snooty girl with a Starbucks lol

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