I had the best day with you today

So my day of adventure has come to an end. The result: I did not get to throw in a workout but I did have probably one of the best exploration days I’ve had in a while. Its amazing how you feel when you have a TTC day pass, a camera, sunshine and ALL DAY. It all started off at Yonge and Eglinton.
It occured to me that Toronto is not only a beautiful city, it had lots of beautiful people too. And on this beautiful day, I was one of them. I had the biggest smile on my face. It pretty much stuck on for the rest of the evening.

Pretty buildings everywhere. My camera sucks at taking pictures. Fortunatley for me, Windows Photo Gallery (affectionatley known as WPG since 2 seconds ago) counters camera suckiness.

I was very obsessed with inside streets. I stopped at almost every in-between street just to have a mental debate about whether or not this would make a good picture.This one made the cut. Note however, that those cars shouldn’t have.

These doors made my favorite picture of the day. I love even more what WPG did with this. Maybe I’ve been reading too many interior design blogs (read: Lisa Canning and Plush Palate) becauseI think I was a little TOO colour happy. Whoever said colors only truly come alive on an overcast day obviously had their eyes shaded too much on a sunny day.

St. Clair:

St. Clair was quite uneventful. Some nice shops. Of course, the main attraction for me was the house of my everyday commute companion 97.3 EasyRock. I took a picture and wondered what the temperature was right now at Yonge and St. Clair.

Summerhill was very pretty. I enjoyed the walk. I was also surprised (pleasantly) at how many Starbucks existed in Toronto. I should have counted.

Apparently, Toronto Jesus also resides in the beautiful Summerhill. Whats not to love about Summerhill!


Next was Rosedale. Rosedale brought Petko to mind. I wondered what he was up to. It was beautiful as well, but of course my camera was not able to really capture much. Here are a couple of gems WPG maganed to rescue.

The lighting obvisously has been tampered with but I love capturing fall. It occured to me, the trip could have been made early October and maybe I would have had more gems like these.

I don’t even know what the heck that was, but I took at least three of these hoping I would be able capture how cute it really was. From the looks of this, I failed.

The rest of Yonge street until Dundas:

It was getting a little tired from this point on but couldnt wait to blog this day up.

This was a cool display window. The scarf on the left was so picture-worthy colourful yet something I highly doubt I would wear. The bags are cool though.

The Cook Book Store. I silently gave Toronto a warm hug back.

The coffee giants peacefully coexist.

There are tons more unblog-worthy photos I took all down Yonge Street. It occured to me that if I drove up this same street for about 25 minutes, I would be home. I savored this delicious thought to tide me over for the next week.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “I had the best day with you today

  1. You walked all the way from Eglinton to Dundas? That’s far. I remember one year the subway wasn’t working (does it ever?), and I had to walk down Yonge from Bloor to Dundas. Of course, it was right in the middle of a snow storm. I was cold, wet, frozen, and miserable. I started to cry somewhere in between Wellesley and Dundas. Phooey!

    • Yeh, that was quite the walk. It wasnt snowy though. It was bright and beautiful. My most impressive walking feat to date however is the time when I walked from Queen subway station all the way up to York Mills subway station. Just for fun.

      I can totally relate to crying and being miserable in the cold. Canadian winters have that cruel effect on the best of us.

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