Well done you!

Since I’ve moved to sanity, there are several new experiences I’ve had/ new discoveries I have made about myself in the past couple of weeks:

  • The feeling of having my own place and joy I feel when my bus home hits Yonge Street and I realise that this is where I live now. In a matter of two weeks, my life and my postal code changed. When God wants something to happen for you, he gives you the most perfect circumstances, prepares everything without a single missed detail and does it in a matter of seconds…or two weeks, but who’s keeping track really.
  • I find that going to work makes me eat better and healthier by forcing me to pack substantial meals and snacks. I also realised that if I get enough sleep and eat the right foods, waking up in the morning at 5:49am is really not asking too much of a human being. (opinion on this one is subject to change)
  • I am getting dangerously close to an addiction to Starbucks. I blame its close proximity to me and my early morning hours. The other day I had a chocolate truffle expresso and I felt incredible. I wanted to take over the world. Yes, dangerously close to an addiction. Ironically enough, this uncomfortable epiphany came at the very moment I read the words “well done you” on my Starbucks cup, congratulating me for buying fair trade. Well done, me indeed.
  • Perhaps the most interesting thing from all of this was the lesson my hair taught me. A couple of months ago, I decided to color my hair. For reasons that are incomprehensible to me now, I thought that changing my hair color (dramatically) would make me feel like a new woman. A different woman. Not only did I hate the way I looked with my copper brown mop, I felt even more like crap considering that my new hair did not make my problems go away (surprise) AND I had shitty looking hair to top it off. After I moved, I went to Fio’s and brought it down to a dark mahagony…my old color. Its amazing what that did. I felt like my old self again. And I never felt better to be back. Turns out I did not need to change myself to feel new. I just needed to blow off the dust from my old self and give it a shine.
Now thats worth the move (on), if nothing else.

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