In my place

So moving was quite possibly one of the best things that happened to me this year. My decorating and design cravings were given a leg up and I devoured the opportunity. I think I even went a little overboard. I still suffer from the after effects of having to start over and having your own place. Martha Stewart magazines excite me to no end. I guess maybe I finally found my hobby. It was just one of the little joys, living at the big H has brought me. That and how I devour the thought that I live 4 minutes away from Yonge Street. This blog is about a lot of things. One of them as you will soon notice is this constant love affair with Yonge Street.

I loved this place the instant I laid eyes on it. I have my own fire place! I don’t even mind the wooden walls. I like to pretend I sleep in a cozy cottage log cabin every night. Love love love!

The mess of moving of course brought along it own anxieties. But the journey was well worth it. Here’s a “before” shot if you will.

My room actually came with the cable wire of the house. I have no intention of buying a TV. A beautiful mess indeed.

My decorating/ designs dreams slowly coming to life. The first signs of my very own creation.

Le bed. The crown of all creations. God bless Josh and Lisa for taking out the railings of their basement stairs and making this possible!

I love cushions. And I love IKEA for having so many of them.

The blog/facebook station.

Le Vanity

My beautiful fireplace

Some badly arranged cushions.

Family photos.

More house pictures to come soon. Its all a work in progress.


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